August 3, 2022

Announcing the Tigo Academy

On-demand training to help you get the most from your Tigo systems
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Announcing the Tigo Academy

Today we publicly launched the Tigo Academy, a video platform that includes training material to help solar professionals efficiently design and install reliable installations with Tigo equipment. Experienced technical experts put together the Tigo Academy material to enable installers to learn about Tigo solutions and how to install them in a free, self-paced, on-demand format.

The Tigo Academy is part of Tigo’s ongoing commitment to quality by providing product, design, and installation information in an easy-to-consume platform.

Upon completion of the courses, individuals will receive a certificate of completion eligible for NABCEP continuing education credits. In addition, installation companies can be listed on the Tigo website so that residential and commercial solar end-users get in touch directly with a Tigo certified installer.

Below is a video example of the course content.

Available Courses:

Tigo TS4 Design & Installation Course. This Tigo Academy self-paced course presents a technical deep dive into the Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE Product line and provides practical guidance to ensure the best system performance. You will learn how to properly design, install and commission a Tigo TS4 system using any compatible PV inverter for your projects. In addition, you will also learn the latest EI software and some of the new features of TS4 products. COURSE LINK.

Tigo EI Residential Solution Course. The EI Certification Course aims to teach you how to successfully install and commission a complete energy storage system using Tigo’s EI Residential Solution. This course is for solar professionals who use the Tigo EI Residential Solution for their projects. It will introduce you to strategies to ensure an expertly installed and quickly commissioned system. Learn in-depth concepts for each component of the EI Solution, including the EI Inverter, EI Battery, ATS, and Meter. COURSE LINK.

Who the courses are for:

The videos and materials are valuable for anyone that sells, designs, and installs Tigo solutions or have an interest in doing so. The target audience includes installation companies, EPC’s, Design firms, consultants, distributors, manufacturing partners, and more. The course content focuses on the product features, technical specifications, design, and installation requirements.

Languages & content:

Tigo solutions are used on every continent. As a result, we get a lot of requests for materials in languages other than English. Although the course language is English, there are instructions to enable captions for each of the videos in your preferred language. This is an interim solution as we release fully translated courses.

If there is a specific language or topic you and your team want materials for, send us that feedback in the form provided at the end of each course.

Where to access the courses:

All the Tigo Academy courses can be accessed at Over time, we will be releasing new content and all new courses.

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