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Tigo products integrate seamlessly with PV modules and inverters - unlocking features for customers with plug and play simplicity.

Plug and play features

Integrated solutions for OEMs

Get increased energy output and reduce the impact of shade with Tigo Optimizers
Lower operating expenses with increased visibility to the performance of each module with the Tigo Energy Intelligence monitoring platform
Rapid shutdown
Enhance safety and meet code compliance with Tigo's industry leading rapid shutdown devices

What Tigo means for your business


Integrate Tigo communication devices

Tigo will help you integrate RSS Transmitters and CCA devices to enable plug and play functionality with TS4s.


Integrate Tigo’s MLPE

Tigo's TS4's can be embedded in PV modules to give customers modules that have all the features that customers expect in a fully integrated package.

The Tigo team is here to make it easy


Testing and certification

Tigo certifies each inverter and module that our systems are compatible with. Testing involves communication, safety, performance, and more to ensure your customers get reliable, certified products.


Get the tools you need

The Tigo Training and Development team makes sure you know how to get the most out of your PV system using Tigo's technology.


Promote the joint solution

One of Tigo’s strongest assets is our partner network. We want to work with you to ensure our mutual success. If you’re interested in learning more, contact sales.

Tigo in the field

Additional projects and details are located on the Case Studies page

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