Tigo EI Battery

Battery storage for grid outages and energy bill management in modular package that easily connects with the EI Inverter.
EI Battery
EI Battery

EI Battery


The Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Battery provides energy resilience in the event of grid outage and optimizes energy consumption based on rate plans for today’s home energy needs.

Features and benefits
  • High performance battery chemistry – Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
  • Support load shift, self consumption and backup applications
  • 9.9 kWh per enclosure - usable capacity 9.0kWh
  • Up to 39.6 kWh with 4 enclosures per inverter
  • IP56/NEMA4 - outdoor and indoor rated
  • 5 kW continuous power with 6 kW peak power
  • Operating temperature 14-113°F
  • Warranty: 132 months or 6,000 cycles

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Technical Documentation
Application Note: EI Residential (US) Compatibility
Quick Start Guide: Tigo EI Battery (US)
Installation Manual - EI Residential Solar Solution US (w/ATS 200A, inverter, battery)
Installation Manual - EI Residential Solar Solution US (w/ATS 50A, inverter, battery, energy meter)
Marketing Materials
Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Residential Brochure - for Homeowners (US)
Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Residential Brochure (US)
Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Monitoring Brochure

System diagram

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