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Tigo is the #1 independent MLPE platform with unmatched flexibility and reliability.

Why Tigo

The leading independent MLPE provider

Flexible solutions
The TS4 family of MLPE lets you choose the features you want - from optimization to monitoring and rapid shutdown
Use your inverter of choice
Tigo solutions work with the largest network of inverters of any MLPE
Trusted partner
Since 2007, Tigo has delivered innovative, reliable MLPE products to the PV industry

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Industry leading reliability

All of Tigo's TS4 products come with a standard 25 year warranty and have proven their ability to perform over the years in some of the worlds harshest environments including the Atacama Desert in Chile (where Mars rovers are tested) and Antarctica.


From design to commissioning

Our excellent support teams are positioned throughout the world and are available to answer your questions and provide your team with the training necessary to succeed.

Visit the Tigo Resource Center to view videos, technical articles, FAQs and more.

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MLPE for any PV installation

Tigo solutions work at any scale and the TS4 platform delivers value for installations that range from single kilowatt residential rooftop to multi-megawatt utility power plants. With just one MLPE platform, your business can pursue any potential market segment.


Lower O&M expenses

The Tigo Energy Intelligence platform gives you access to view site-specific performance data down to the module level. Customizable alerts enable the identification of issues, which can reduce truck rolls and time spent on site.


Tigo grows with you

We want to work with you to elevate the awareness of our solutions and win more customers. If you're interested in joint marketing activities, such as webinars, case studies, collateral, etc. send us a note.

Tigo in the field

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