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Tigo EI Residential Solution (EU)

The Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Residential Solar Solution includes an Inverter, Battery, and everything else you need for fast, flexible, and dependable solar installations (only available in Europe)
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Home solar installations that are:
Fast. Flexible. Dependable.

The Tigo residential solar plus battery storage solution is designed for the installer, homeowner, EPC’s, and financiers


More installations in less time
  • Lightweight, stackable configuration quickly connects
  • Each TS4 installs in ~10 seconds – no ground wire, bolts or wrenches 
  • Commission a complete system in less than 10 minutes


Scalable solutions for any home
  • Utilize the most energy efficient optimizers to maximize your electricity output
  • 3 phase and 1 phase options with DC-coupled storage are available
  • Modular battery scales to the needs of your customers


Industry-leading warranties & support
  • Longest warranties in the business
  • Site-specific support available directly through Tigo EI App
  • Reliable, bankable solutions from a brand with 15+ years of solar experience


    A complete residential solar + storage solution for Europe

    Optimizers, inverters, battery storage - all brought together by the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) software platform to enable a unified residential solar solution for installers and homeowners.

    EI Inverter

    All in one hybrid inverter

    A battery storage ready 'hybrid' inverter with fast charge and discharge capabilities. Available in multiple sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any site.
    • 1 phase options: 3, 5, or 6kW
    • 3 phase options: 6, 10, or 15kW
    • Up to 150% DC oversizing
    • 152-month warranty
    EI Inverter Details

    EI Link

    Single communication hub

    Acts as the central data connection point for the modules, inverter, battery, and electrical grid.
    • Centralized wiring connects the EI Inverter to the EI Battery
    • Built-in CCA enables system and module-level monitoring
    • Connects to Tigo TS4’s via a Tigo Access Point (TAP – included in the box)
    • 60-month warranty
    EI Link Details

    EI Battery

    Reliable energy storage

    Efficient DC:DC charging with a modular battery system that meets the needs of virtually any house - from utility bill savings to backup power.
    • Reliable, stable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry
    • Multiple modes including self-consumption, time of use (TOU) and backup.
    • Configurable up to 12 kWh (3kWh per enclosure)
    • 132-month warranty
    EI Battery Details

    Tigo Optimizers

    Maximize output and module-level visibility

    Tigo optimizers quickly connect to each module to increase electricity production for strings of modules with shade or mismatch and enable module-level visibility through Tigo monitoring.
    • Optimization to increase electrical output when mismatch is present
    • Module-level monitoring to create a digital twin of your array
    • Rapid shutdown to meet safety code requirements
    • Installs in seconds - no ground wires or bolts required
    • Millions of units deployed and operating in the field
    • 300-month warranty
    Tigo TS4 details


    Powered by Energy Intelligence (EI)

    The entire EI Residential solution is brought together by Energy Intelligence - the most powerful commissioning, monitoring, and fleet management solution - available to solar installers and end-users.

    Each module, digitized

    See real-time and historical module level performance information. Make sure the site is performing as designed, and troubleshoot components remotely.

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    Total system visibility

    View each component of the system and the total system performance in a single view. The Reclaimed Energy feature (green bars) shows the additional output enabled by Tigo optimizers.

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    All sites in one spot

    Manage your entire fleet of installations, with complete fleet metrics and site-specific alerts

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    Access it all from the palm of your hand

    The Tigo EI App gives you and your customers the information required to ensure each of your sites is performing the way they were designed, and your customers expect them to.
    Time icon green grey

    Maximize site uptime

    Get real-time alerts when a performance or safety issue arises so the site can quickly be returned to normal. More uptime = more energy.
    No bolts required icon green grey

    Minimize O&M costs

    Detect system level, string level, and module level issues to pinpoint and diagnose issues remotely. Save money with fewer truck rolls.
    Tigo water resistant icon

    Enhance the customer experience

    Get visibility to all sites from one spot with fleet, system, and module level performance data. Get more referrals with happier customers.

    Example layout

    The complete Tigo EI Residential Solution (EU)

    Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE
    Work with any solar modules, up to 700W and enable optimization, monitoring, and rapid shutdown.
    Tigo Access Point (TAP)
    Connects to the EI Link via ethernet cable; wirelessly communicates with Tigo TS4.
    EI Inverter, Link, Battery
    Inverter and battery are connected by the EI Link, which connects to everything else.
    EI Inverter (EU)
    EI Link (EU)
    EI Battery (EU)
    Tigo Energy Intelligence monitoring is available in desktop or mobile app.
    Energy Intelligence (EI) Monitoring

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