Introducing Green Glove Service

A premium support initiative to assist solar installers at any phase of a project - from design review to on-call installation assistance and post-installation follow-up.

Complete residential energy storage solutions

Each part of the Tigo residential solution - including inverters, batteries, optimizers, software, and more - has been designed to maximize performance for homeowners while enabling a flexible, intuitive installation for installers.

Energy Intelligence: a better way to scale solar businesses

Simplify solar site and fleet management with the platform that directly benefits the bottom line.

Embrace solar freedom with Tigo TS4

Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) give you the freedom to choose the right features, inverter, and module for your solar installation. Tigo TS4 are the flexible, simple and trusted solution for solar professionals in 100+ countries.

Get Tigo product training on demand with the Tigo Academy

Courses are free, online, and packed with information to give you what you need in just a few hours. Now available in English, German, Italian, Czech and Polish.

Solutions that enhance your solar installation

Tigo works at any scale. Explore solutions tailored to you.
Tigo MLPE enable increased PV system energy output, module-level monitoring, and enhanced safety features
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Commercial Businesses
Tigo’s Flex MLPE give you the features you need with the inverters and module manufacturers you want to use - ensuring a reliable solution that maximizes your returns.
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Installation Professionals
Tigo is the #1 independent MLPE platform with unmatched flexibility and reliability.
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Equipment Manufacturers
Tigo products integrate seamlessly with PV modules and inverters - unlocking features for customers with plug and play simplicity.
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Maximize the benefits of your solar

Whether you want to meet safety codes, monitor your site at the module level, or reduce the impacts of shade, Tigo has you covered.
Mix and match any of the features listed below.
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Increase energy output
Tigo Optimizers get the maximum energy output from your array and minimize the losses from shading, module mismatch, degradation, and other issues.
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Lower operating expenses
Tigo gives you granular, module level monitoring with its Energy Intelligence Platform. Diagnose anomalies at the module level, increase bankability, and lower maintenance expenses.
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Enhance safety and compliance
Tigo solutions meet US NEC Rapid Shutdown compliance and other safety codes that protect first responders and are required in many countries.

Simple, reliable installations

Tigo solutions can be applied to existing solar installations or new ones at virtually any scale. Sites require just a few main components to unlock the benefits of optimization, advanced module-level monitoring, and enhanced safety.

Tigo components

All technical features that are beyond industry standards
Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE installed on a solar panel

Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE

Easily connect to solar modules to enable multiple features and benefits.
Product information
Tigo Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) used for communicating with Tigo TS4s

Tigo Communication Device

Co-located with the inverter, these send and receive data with Tigo TS4 units.
Tigo Energy Intelligence monitoring screenshot on a phone

Tigo Energy Intelligence Platform

Enables real-time visibility to module level performance and data.
Monitoring information

Solar freedom

Get the solar features you want with the largest network of inverters and modules

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Select from a menu of features

Tigo lets you choose optimization, monitoring, and/or rapid shutdown to maximize the benefits for your specific site.
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Pair with the inverter you want

Tigo TS4 units and communication devices work with thousands of different inverters of all different sizes.
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Works with virtually any module

Tigo TS4 units connect to the junction box of PV modules with standard MC4 cables.


Delivering value around the world

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monitored production



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Founded in 2007 in Silicon Valley
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Works with major modules & inverters
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The leader in rapid shutdown
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Deployed in the harshest environments


Trusted by industry leaders in solar

Tigo systems are rigorously tested with the leading inverter and module brands. It's just part of the reason why Tigo TS4s are the most reliable and flexible in the industry.

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July 9, 2024

Tigo Energy Delivers Scalable Insights on EI Platform for High-Growth, Multi-Site Solar Installers

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Solventa6 executes Spain's first installation with Tigo Energy Rapid Shutdown System


June 25, 2024

Solventa6 executes Spain's first installation with Tigo Energy Rapid Shutdown System

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Multi Factor Rapid Shutdown (MFRS) for Enhanced PV System Safety


June 20, 2024

Multi Factor Rapid Shutdown (MFRS) for PV System Safety

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The eclipse's path of totality as seen in solar PV monitoring data


May 1, 2024

The eclipse's path of totality as seen in solar PV monitoring data

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