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In general, UL is the standard for North America and TÜV is used in the rest of the world


Datasheet: TS4-A-F (Fire Safety) 700W
Datasheet: TS4-A-S (700W) (Safety)
Datasheet: Tigo EI Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) (North America)
Datasheet: Tigo EI Battery (North America)
Datasheet: Tigo EI Energy Meter (North America)
Datasheet: Tigo EI Inverter (North America)
Datasheet: TS4-A-O (Optimization) 700W
Datasheet: TS4-A-2F (Fire Safety for 2 Modules)
Datasheet: TS4-A-F (Fire Safety)
Datasheet: TS4-A-M (Monitoring)
Datasheet: TS4-A-O (Optimization)
Datasheet: TS4-A-S (Safety)
Datasheet: Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA)
Datasheet: Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) and Accessories Kit
Datasheet: RSS Signal Detector
Datasheet: RSS Transmitter - Commercial
Datasheet: RSS Transmitter - Outdoor Kit
Datasheet: Tigo Access Point (TAP)

Marketing Materials

Case Study: Detecting Faults with Tigo's Module-level Monitoring
Case Study: Harvesting 36% Energy with Optimization
Case Study - Energisus Residential LatAm
Case Study: Safe and Efficient Floating Solar Systems with Tigo MLPE
Case Study: Commercial Ground Mount in Japan
Case Study: Minimizing BOS Costs on a Curved Roof Design
Case Study: Optimizers added to existing US residential array
Case Study: Optimizers at Brazil Distributor HQ
Case Study: Optimizers at a temple with a unique roofline
Case Study: Optimizers maximize output for an Australian eco resort
Case Study: Remedying Mismatch & Shading with Tigo
Case Study: Solar installer chooses Tigo for his large home system
Case Study: String Fault Detection & Increased Energy Yield
Case Study: Surviving the Antarctic Extreme with Tigo's Remote Monitoring
Reclaimed Energy Flyer - EMEA
Reclaimed Energy Flyer - North America
Tigo Commercial & Residential Flyer - North America
Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Residential Brochure (North America)
Tigo Energy Intelligence Brochure
Tigo Flyer - UL PV Rapid Shutdown Systems (PVRSS)
Rapid Shutdown Solution SKU Sheet
Rapid Shutdown Solutions Catalog

Technical Documentation

Installation Manual - Tigo EI Inverter
Quick Start Guide - Tigo ATS (North America)
Quick Start Guide - Tigo EI Battery (North America)
Quick Start Guide - Tigo EI Inverter (North America)
Product Warranty - March 2020
Installation Manual - TS4, CCA, TAP
Installation Manual - TS4, CCA, TAP - 2021
Installation Manual - TS4-F, TS4-R-F, TS4-A-F, RSS Transmitter
Quick Start Guide - CCA & TAP
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-2F
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-F
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-F 700W
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-M
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-O
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-O 700W
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-S
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-S 700W
Quick Start Guide - TS4-F & RSS Transmitter
TS4-F & RSS Transmitter Troubleshooting Guide
Network Troubleshooting Guide
String List Template for Tigo TS4 Serial Numbers
Australia / New Zealand Manufacturer Declaration
DNV-GL Field Engineering Evaluation Report
NREL Shading Assessment via Module-level Monitoring
TS4-A (Advanced Add-on) vs TS4-R (Retrofit)
Whitepaper - Impedance Matching
Whitepaper - Optimization with Impedance Matching and Predictive IV
Whitepaper - PV-OFF™ - Improving PV Safety
Whitepaper - Photon Test Results
Whitepaper - Quantifying Mismatch
Application Note: Tigo SMA RSS

Certifications & Compliance

Compatibility letter - AISWEI
Compatibility letter - Canadian Solar
Compatibility letter - FIMER/ABB
Compatibility letter - Fronius (Worldwide except US/Canada/Mexico)
Compatibility letter - Ginlong Solis US single-phase
Compatibility letter - Ginlong Solis US three-phase
Compatibility letter - Ginlong Solis global
Compatibility letter - Goodwe
Compatibility letter - Growatt
Compatibility letter - Hanwha Q Cells
Compatibility letter - HiQ Solar
Compatibility letter - Holu Hou Energy
Compatibility letter - Huawei
Compatibility letter - Ingeteam
Compatibility letter - IronRidge
Compatibility letter - Jiangsu Zeversolar New Energy Co Ltd
Compatibility letter - Katek-Steca
Compatibility letter - Kostal Piko
Compatibility letter - Kostal Plenticore, Piko IQ
Compatibility letter - MidNite Solar Inc
Compatibility letter - NeoVolta
Compatibility letter - Omnik New Energy
Compatibility letter - Omron Corporation
Compatibility letter - Outback Power FM100
Compatibility letter - POMCube
Compatibility letter - REFUsol Inc
Compatibility letter - SMA Solar Technology AG
Compatibility letter - Samil Power
Compatibility letter - Schneider Electric
Compatibility letter - Sol-Ark
Compatibility letter - SolaX Power (single phase)
Compatibility letter - SolaX Power (three phase)
Compatibility letter - Storz Power
Compatibility letter - Storz Power PVRSS Compliance
Compatibility letter - Valenia Inverters
Compatibility letter - Wolong New Energy
Compatibility letter - Yaskawa - Solectria Solar
TS4 outdoor use with IP68 approval ratings
UL PV Rapid Shutdown Systems with TS4-F, -S, -O, -L, and Listed Inverters
UL1741 PV Rapid Shutdown Equipment - Tigo Access Point (TAP) - US & Canada
UL1741 PV Rapid Shutdown Equipment with TS4-S, -O, -L for US and Canada
UL1741 PV Rapid Shutdown Permanent Marking Requirement
UL1741 PV Rapid Shutdown Systems (QIJS)
UL1741 Product Safety Approval with TS4-M, -S, -O, -L for US and Canada


Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-O-Duo
TS4 -D, -M, -F, -S, -O, -L (Integrated Jbox)
TS4-A-O-Duo (Optimization Add-on for 2 Modules)
TS4-R -M, -F, -S, -O (Retrofit Jbox)
TS4-R-X-Duo -M, -S, -O (Retrofit Jbox for 2 modules)
UL1741 PV Rapid Shutdown with TS4-F
UL1747 PV Rapid Shutdown with TS4-O
UL1747 PV Rapid Shutdown with TS4-S