Manage increasingly complex solar installations with Energy Intelligence

The Tigo Energy Intelligence platform streamlines solar site management, enabling improved service offerings while growing your bottom line. Schedule a personalized demo with a Tigo representative to see the power of the platform to transform your business.

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Available on desktop and mobile:

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Module to multi-site metrics, all in one place

Tigo Energy Intelligence is used by thousands of solar installers, asset managers, and building owners in 100+ countries. The all-in-one commissioning and monitoring platform enables module and system-level visibility along with a suite of fleet management capabilities.


Energy Intelligence improves the bottom line of your business and your projects

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Lower O&M

Avoid truck rolls with remote access to any connected component on any site from anywhere.

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More production

Minimize lost production with automated monitoring of fleet health and performance.

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Faster commissioning

Create a virtual layout in minutes with bulk scanning of Tigo TS4's and equipment auto-detection.

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Happier customers

Get critical alerts from intelligent software working for you 24/7, not from customers.

Solar installer in Germany standing in front of his Tigo Energy solar installation

Get up and running in just a few steps

Tigo Energy Intelligence is plug-and-play with Tigo equipment so installers can quickly commission a site and then move on to the next one.

Tigo Energy Intelligence monitoring platform showing module-level monitoring of a solar installation
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An open platform: connect almost anything

Energy Intelligence currently supports more than 20,000 equipment types including 3rd party inverters, meters, batteries, and more.

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Visualize performance: see how all the components interact

See minute-by-minute status of panels, inverters, meters and more using easy-to-understand views and charts.

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Add more sites: get complete fleet visibility

Each site that's commissioned gets added to the account, so you can see each one from a single interface.

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Use EI Professional to minimize O&M, maximize performance

The more sites that are added, the more powerful EI Professional becomes. Create groups, identify anomalies and more with fleet metrics.

Energy Intelligence (EI) Pricing

Site and account plans to scale your solar business

Energy Intelligence is available with all Tigo monitored installations. Choose the plan that fits your site or business needs.

EI Basic
For system owners
Site performance and component level information in one interface.
Included with Tigo-monitored hardware.
System health status & power flow
Module-level power, energy, reclaimed energy
15-minute interval performance data
Historical data and playback (limited)
Monthly reports
Basic charts & alerts
Multi-site view (installer only)
Equipment control
Supports 3rd party equipment
EI Premium
For installers and system owners
Detailed component data plus custom alerts for remote troubleshooting.
Per site up to 35 modules. $0.56/module for >35 modules
Everything in the EI Basic plan
Module-level: voltage, current, RSSI
1-minute interval performance data
Unlimited historical data & playback
Daily reports
Detailed, customizable charts & alerts
Customizable safety and performance notifications
API access
Data export capabilities
EI Professional
For installers and O&M providers
Multi-site dashboard and tools for company-wide collaboration to reduce O&M expenses.
Per company account - unlimited seats
Everything in the EI Basic plan
Company-wide access & collaboration
One subscription covers all systems
Multi-site view with health status, production, performance, equipment, location data
Portfolio dashboard with critical data
Complete equipment health & history
System commissioning tracking
Tagging, grouping, filtering of sites
Site comparisons
Integrated real-time messaging tool
Portfolio-wide metrics
Does not include EI Premium access

Monitoring Devices

Tigo TS4 units with module level monitoring



Optimization - Monitoring - Rapid Shutdown
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Check mark icon
Check mark icon
Rapid Shutdown

Increase energy production with shaded & mismatched modules up to 700W



Monitoring -  Rapid Shutdown
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Check mark icon
Check mark icon
Rapid Shutdown

Enables monitoring and rapid shutdown for modules up to 700W



Check mark icon
Check mark icon
Check mark icon
Rapid Shutdown

Enables robust module-level monitoring

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