GO EV Charger (EU)

Extend the Tigo EI Residential Solar Solution to your electric vehicles
GO EV Charger (EU)
GO EV Charger (EU)

GO EV Charger (EU)


The GO EV Charger lets the sun drive down transportation costs as part of an intelligent energy management strategy. With multiple charging modes and time windows, it matches your lifestyle to your EV power needs. Easily set your desired charging schedule and source of energy - solar, the grid, or both - through the Tigo Energy Intelligence App. Reliable and cost-effective, the GO EV Charger is an important component of every Tigo EI Residential solution.

Features and benefits
  • Seamlessly integrated with single- and three-phase Tigo residential solar solutions
  • Remote mobile management with the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) app
  • Green and Boost charging modes and current limits
  • Flexible charge scheduling with adjustable time windows
  • Authorized-user identification with built-in RFID
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Indoor/outdoor protective enclosure
  • Integrated protective earthed neutral (PEN) protection and current failure monitoring (30 mA AC/6 mA DC)
  • Encrypted transport layer security (TLS) communication
  • EI Residential Solution required for installation and operation

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