Tigo EI Link (EU)

The keystone of the EI Residential Solution, the EI Link is the communication hub for all grid, inverter, module and battery connections
EI Link (EU)
EI Link (EU)

EI Link (EU)


The EI Link brings together all of the components of the Tigo EI Residential Solution. It physically joins the EI Inverter with the EI Battery with minimum cables required. It wirelessly communicates with the Tigo TS4's connected to each module and communicates with the cloud, to enable simple commissioning, remote monitoring, over-the-air updates, and more.

Features and benefits
  • Centralized wiring connects the EI Inverter to the EI Battery
  • Built-in CCA enables system and module-level monitoring
  • Connects to Tigo TS4’s via a Tigo Access Point (TAP) – included in the box
  • 60-month warranty

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