Get the most from your PV installation

Tigo MLPE enable increased PV system energy output, module-level monitoring, and enhanced safety features

Why Module-Level Power Electronics (MLPE)

Maximize the benefit from your PV investment

MLPE add features to your PV modules
They connect to junction box of a PV module to unlock different features to ensure you get the most from your PV system
Tigo Optimizers maximize your energy production
Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE increase energy output, enable module-level monitoring and enhance the safety of your array with module-level rapid shutdown
Works with any installation
Tigo MLPE can be added to new and existing installations and are hidden on the backside of the modules

Get the most from your PV system with Tigo's Flex MLPE platform

Reliable performance

Built on Tigo's track record of success

Since 2007, Tigo has been dedicated to making the best Module-Level Power Electronics (MLPE) on earth. Today, Tigo systems operate on seven continents and produce gigawatt hours of reliable, clean, affordable and safe solar energy daily for tens of thousands of customers.


Works with virtually any inverter and module

Tigo's solutions work with the largest network of inverters and module manufacturers of any MLPE provider. This enables installers from around the world to choose the optimal configurations that fit your site, and to maximize your ROI.

Residential Features to Empower


Increased energy yields

Tigo Optimizers minimize the impact that shade and mismatch have on energy output to ensure you get the most from your PV installation. The increased energy yield from optimization can be seen in the Tigo Energy Intelligence monitoring platform.


24/7 module-level visibility

Tigo Energy Intelligence is the most detailed module-level monitoring platform available. See current and historical energy output, power, and other key metrics down to the minute - allowing you or your installer to identify issues and resolutions remotely.


Module-level rapid shutdown

Tigo's MLPE can lower the output voltage of individual modules in the event of a power loss or if someone needs to access the roof. This feature is now a requirement in countries all over the world - including the United States - for the safety of first responders.

Tigo in the field

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