Tigo Access Point (TAP)

The Tigo Access Point (TAP) wirelessly connects with Tigo Flex-MLPE to enable module level monitoring when paired with the CCA
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Tigo Access Point (TAP)
Tigo Access Point (TAP)

Tigo Access Point (TAP)


The Tigo Access Point (TAP) improves the data management of your solar system through seamless communication with Tigo Smart modules and retrofit devices. TAP significantly improves the level of security at module level deactivation. Combined with a Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA), the TAP offers unsurpassed insights into your PV system.

  • Access point that pairs with the CCA for use with TS4-A-O, TS4-A-S, and TS4-A-M
Features and benefits
  • Wirelessly communicates directly with TS4 units
  • Easy installation on the module frame without tools
  • Use the Tigo SMART App on a mobile device for quick startup
  • When paired with the Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA), enables wireless module level monitoring

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