EI Residential (US)

Available for free, on-demand and online
Eligible for NABCEP continuing education credits
Course Description

The EI Certification Course aims to teach you how to successfully install and commission a complete energy storage system using Tigo’s EI Residential Solution. This course is for solar professionals who use the Tigo EI Residential Solution for their projects.

You will be introduced to a variety of strategies to ensure an expertly installed and easily commissioned system. Learn in-depth concepts for each component of the EI Solution:

  • EI Inverter – the brains of the system
  • EI Battery – the heart of the system
  • EI Automatic Transfer Switch – required for every system using the EI Battery
  • Smart Meter – measures and records important energy flow information

What you will learn in this online self-paced course:

  • EI product specifications and their role in the EI Residential Solution
  • Simple, easy to understand installation criteria and guidelines for a worry-free system
  • Important National Electric Code requirements relevant to installation
  • Commission an EI Residential solution using the EI App and EI Online Portal
  • How to use Tigo’s Help Center to find quick answers after you have completed the course

The course material is one hour long, excluding self assessments. There is a 5 question self-assessment at the end of each lesson and a comprehensive graded 50 question self-assessment. It should take about 2 hours to complete the entire course.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion worth 1.5 NABCEP continuing education credits. You will also be placed on the Tigo Preferred EI Installer list.

Tigo solutions that are covered include:
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