November 11, 2020

Yaskawa Solectria Solar joins Tigo Enhanced, further streamlining offering for commercial rooftop PV

Four inverter models are certified as PV Rapid Shutdown Systems with Tigo’s rapid shutdown devices
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Yaskawa Solectria Solar joins Tigo Enhanced, further streamlining offering for commercial rooftop PV

November 11, 2020, Campbell, CA – Yaskawa Solectria Solar has joined the Tigo Enhanced initiative, aimed at providing customers with simple and reliable rapid shutdown solutions that meet all safety and code requirements. All Solectria inverters that are Tigo Enhanced are plug and play out of the box with Tigo’s latest generation rapid shutdown devices.

“We are excited to join the Tigo Enhanced program to generate more awareness about our solutions and make fulfilling safety and certification requirements as easy as possible for our customers,” said Mark Goodreau, General Manager of Yaskawa Solectria Solar.

Solectria’s Tigo Enhanced inverters have integrated Tigo’s RSS transmitter – which communicates with Tigo’s rapid shutdown devices – and completed UL PV Rapid Shutdown System (PVRSS) certification. The following inverters are part of the program:

Solectria PVI 60TL (3 phase, 60kW, 480Vac)

Solectria PVI 50TL (3 phase, 50kW, 480Vac)

Solectria PVI 25TL-208 (3 phase, 25kW, 208Vac)

Solectria PVI 25TL-480-R (3 phase, 25kW, 480Vac)    

Customers can now look for the Tigo Enhanced logo on one of Solectria’s inverters and know that they are getting a product that seamlessly works with Tigo’s rapid shutdown devices.

“We have worked with Yaskawa Solectria Solar for a long time and are honored to have them as a partner in the Tigo Enhanced program,” said Dru Sutton, VP of Sales for North America at Tigo Energy. “Ultimately, this is about providing assurance to customers that when they choose a Solectria inverter that is Tigo Enhanced, they know they’re getting a reliable, proven, certified rapid shutdown solution.”

Yaskawa Solectria Solar and Tigo received UL PVRSS certification after testing the inverter and rapid shutdown devices for compatibility and safety. The certification fulfills a necessary safety requirement for PV Rapid Shutdown in the National Electrical Code. Rapid shutdown devices are now required with rooftop PV installations across the vast majority of the United States.

The companies are hosting a live webinar on Thursday, November 19 at 10am PT (1pm ET) to highlight their combined rapid shutdown solutions for commercial PV customers. Interested parties can register here.

The Solectria inverters and Tigo rapid shutdown devices can be purchased at leading distributors throughout the United States. For more information, contact: or


About Yaskawa Solectria Solar

Yaskawa Solectria Solar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yaskawa America, Inc., is the largest commercial inverter manufacturer in the U.S. Solectria’s products include 14kW to 750kW inverters, string combiners and web-based monitoring for all size solar systems. Solectria is backed by over 100 years of power electronics and inverter experience. All of Solectria’s three-phase central inverters are made in the USA. PV System owners, developers and EPCs rely on the high performance, reliability and bankability of Yaskawa Solectria Solar. To learn more please visit

About Tigo

Tigo is the worldwide leader in flexible module level power electronics (MLPE) with innovative solutions that significantly enhance safety, increase energy production, and decrease operating costs of photovoltaic (PV) systems. Tigo’s TS4 platform maximizes the benefit of PV systems and provides customers with the most scalable, versatile, and reliable MLPE solution available. Tigo was founded in Silicon Valley in 2007 to accelerate the adoption of solar energy worldwide. Tigo systems operate on 7 continents and produce gigawatt hours of reliable, clean, affordable and safe solar energy daily. Tigo's global team is dedicated to making the best MLPE on earth so more people can enjoy the benefits of solar. Visit us at


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