October 3, 2023

Why Tigo Energy Intelligence Platform?

“Enhance your solar installation services with Energy Intelligence (EI) Platform and boost your profitability."
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Why Tigo Energy Intelligence Platform?

Tigo Energy, the worldwide leader in Flex MLPE, designs innovative solar power conversion and storage products that provide customers more choice and flexibility. But did you know Tigo Energy also provides industry-leading software solutions? In this four-part blog series co-authored by our industry partner Mayfield Renewables, we will overview the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Platform — the most powerful solar monitoring and commissioning tool on the market. What is Tigo EI? How is it used? Why are installers winning more business by pairing optimizers with advanced software? Follow along with the Tigo blog to learn more.

Rooftop solar isn’t just for early adopters anymore - demand for residential and commercial PV systems is at all-time highs in markets around the world. As PV equipment costs continue to drop and the price of grid electricity goes up, home and business owners alike see the financial benefits of installing their very own power plant.

Overall demand is on the rise, but the nuances of what customers want are constantly changing. Currently, many governments are promoting mass electrification in an effort to curb fossil fuel consumption. This could include subsidies for cleantech manufacturing, expedited permitting for clean energy projects, or incentives to make clean energy investments more affordable.

In the United States, for example, the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act introduced a bevvy of new tax credits for Americans who install solar panels or batteries, for commuters who buy an e-bike or even for updating an electrical panel. Each incentive shares the common goal of electrifying the parts of our lives that were previously powered by fossil fuels. Taken together, the many steps along the route to mass electrification offer an incredible opportunity for PV installers to quickly scale up their businesses.

Let’s look at a hypothetical installer based in Sacramento, California. You’ve been in business for years installing standard residential systems. Until recently, your business model revolved around getting as many new PV systems installed as possible. Once a system was commissioned, you moved on to the next sale. Occasionally you’d hear from existing system owners when they noticed a dip in production on their utility bill. Now, you’re getting calls from old customers asking about adding an energy storage system or installing an EV charger. Your new customers are savvier than before. They want to know you will be around to monitor and repair their system over its multi-decade lifespan, and that their systems will be flexible enough to accommodate future additions.  

How do you scale your installation business in this new marketplace? How do you stand out in a crowd to capture new business, while also maximizing the lifetime value of your current customers?

We built Tigo Energy’s Energy Intelligence (EI) Platform to make sustainable growth simple for installers — even in the face of ever-changing customer demands.

The Energy Intelligence Platform allows installers to seamlessly manage commissioning, module-level insights, site analytics, and multi-site visibility. End-to-end services from design to installation and operation to customer service are all available from a single, customizable interface.

Installers in 100+ countries use the EI Platform to efficiently manage their fleets, monitoring system-, string-, and module-level issues remotely with no truck rolls required. Automated alerts ensure that any safety or performance issues are resolved quickly to increase system uptime. If a severe issue is detected, installers can submit a support ticket directly to Tigo from the EI Platform.

The benefits of Energy Intelligence Platform extend to the end user as well. Worldwide, 70,000+ system owners enjoy access to a wealth of data provided by the EI App, ensuring they have comprehensive insights into their own data. Users can view illustrated system power flows, module-level data taken at one-minute intervals, the power consumption data and grid interactions, and can setup customized performance or safety alerts. Future system upgrades — whether adding modules, upgrading an inverter, installing energy storage or an EV charger — can be easily integrated into the end user’s EI monitoring.

The EI Platform is a win-win for installers and system owners. Ensure your installation company can meet the demands of today and tomorrow by pairing advanced hardware with flexible software. The Tigo EI Platform will improve your service offering and grow your bottom line.

To learn more about the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Platform, please schedule a demo here.

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