October 17, 2020

Tigo launches new Tigo Enhanced initiative with inverter partners

Tigo Enhanced aims to increase customers’ confidence in selecting an MLPE device, while ensuring a reliable and cost-effective solution.
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Tigo launches new Tigo Enhanced initiative with inverter partners

September 17, 2020, Campbell CA - Tigo Energy, Inc. has launched a joint marketing program, called Tigo Enhanced, in conjunction with its major inverter partners to make it even easier for customers to choose Tigo's reliable module level power electronics (MLPE) for their solar PV projects.

Under the program, inverter partners that use Tigo technology will include a Tigo Enhanced logo on their specification sheets and product marketing material. The Tigo Enhanced logo creates a clear visual link between the Tigo MLPE that gets installed on the back of each PV module and the inverter that integrates Tigo’s technology - giving customers the assurance of a reliable, plug and play solution for their PV projects.

“We have the most reliable and cost-effective rapid shutdown solution available, along with the largest network of inverters that our customers can choose from.” said Zvi Alon, Chairman and CEO of Tigo. “We wanted to create a program that makes it simple for our clients to select our trusted rapid shutdown solution with the inverter of their choice.”

Customers can look for the Tigo Enhanced logo on the inverter and know that the system has been designed to work with Tigo’s MLPE that are connected to each module.

“So now, the only thing our customers need to do to benefit from the experience of the leading solution in the market is verify that the inverter they choose carries the Tigo Enhanced logo - very simple,” added Zvi.

The launch of the Tigo Enhanced program comes on the heels of Tigo introducing its latest MLPE for rapid shutdown, the TS4-A-2F. Tigo’s rapid shutdown solutions are certified as UL Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown Systems (PVRSS) - an electrical code requirement - with hundreds of inverter types.

Across the US, every new rooftop PV installation is required - or will soon be required - to have module level rapid shutdown capability for the safety of first responders. As a result, many installers and PV system owners are looking for reliable and cost-effective ways to meet the requirements and protect their assets.

“Many people are looking into rapid shutdown solutions and MLPE for the first time. The Tigo Enhanced program is all about making it simple and straightforward for them to get a reliable solution that meets their needs,” said John Lerch, Tigo’s Global Marketing Director.

Tigo equipment is installed with PV systems on all seven continents with thousands of different inverter models that are helping produce gigawatt hours of clean energy every single day.  

For questions about the program or to participate, contact Tigo Marketing at  



About Tigo

Tigo is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semiconductors, power electronics, and solar energy, the Tigo team developed the first-generation Smart Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry. Tigo's vision is to leverage integrated and retrofitted Flex MLPE and communications technology to drive the cost of solar electricity down. By partnering with tier 1 module and inverter manufacturers in the industry, Tigo is able to focus on its key innovation with the smartest TS4 modular platform and leverage the broader ecosystem. Tigo has operations in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Japan, China, Australia, and the Middle East. Visit


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