March 14, 2024

Tigo Energy Leads with Total Quality Solar at NABCEP Conference 2024

Tigo combines high-quality solar hardware and software with unprecedented collaboration and Green Glove customer support under the principle of Total Quality Solar (TQS) at NABCEP.
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Tigo Energy Leads with Total Quality Solar at NABCEP Conference 2024

CAMPBELL, Calif, March 14, 2024Tigo Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: TYGO), a leading provider of intelligent solar and energy software solutions, today announced that the Company’s commitment to Total Quality Solar (TQS) will underscore its presence at the annual North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) conference in Raleigh, North Carolina from March 18-21. Borrowing from the timeless manufacturing principles of Total Quality Management, TQS is a principle that guides a continual process of detecting and reducing errors in the design, installation, and equipment throughout the solar ecosystem. At NABCEP, members of the Tigo team will provide real-world examples of how working according to TQS principles manifests for solar installers, system owners, and industry ecosystem stakeholders. Attendees can take advantage of software training sessions, tips and tricks developed from real-world case studies, and the insights gathered from more than 85 Green Glove program engagements.

To actively contribute to successful residential and commercial solar deployments, Tigo has prepared NABCEP materials and training to address topics ranging from design and installation to commissioning and operations and maintenance (O&M). As such, the emphasis will not only be on the latest tools, software, and resources from Tigo and how to use them best but also on practical tutorials that will benefit solar installers no matter which brand of equipment they deploy. In collaboration with installers of all sizes, system owners, and the many members of the solar value chain, the Tigo approach to TQS is to preempt design flaws, mitigate installation faults, reduce solution errors, and optimize component performance.

At NABCEP 2024, Tigo welcomes installers to learn about:

  • the Top 5 design and installation criteria for successful commercial solar installations, including the TQS techniques that deliver high-quality outcomes,
  • real-world examples of how technical solutions from Tigo, including the Solar PLC signal integrity tool and Pure Signal™ technology, help prevent the most common design and installation issues,
  • a new Tigo Academy course focused on best practices for delivering outstanding support by overcoming or avoiding the most common on-site customer issues and
  • hands-on demonstrations and tutorials for getting the most value out of Tigo software, including using the EI platform during installation as a high-value O&M tool and for maximizing the customer experience over the long run.

"We are committed to delivering renewable energy systems that provide savings, control, efficiency, and customer goodwill through quality, and our work with Tigo has helped us get things done right the first time more consistently," said Aram Alexander, Owner of ARAM SOLAR. "Through the Green Glove program, our installers now confidently navigate the intricacies of various construction methods and designs. The program is also very user-friendly, with a streamlined design review as well as on-call support during installation, both of which were game-changers for our team and a big reason why Green Glove and Tigo exceeded our expectations."

The Tigo Green Glove service program is designed to deliver a premium support experience that enriches the installer journey from design to commissioning and beyond. Since the program launched, installers across North America and Europe have taken advantage of the Green Glove program for more than installations, resulting in better outcomes for end customers. ARAM SOLAR for example, started with a comprehensive design review and took advantage of support engagements before, during, and after installation. For ARAM SOLAR, Tigo support personnel conducted comprehensive design reviews and assisted with multiple commercial solar installations.

“Our work with installers like ARAM SOLAR through the Green Glove program is a direct reflection of the commitment Tigo has made to the principle of TQS, and one of the most powerful outcomes has been the feedback we get from the installers,” said James Dillon, chief marketing officer at Tigo Energy. “For Tigo, the core elements of TQS are outstanding design, high-quality equipment, and skilled installation teams, combined with a dedication to collaborating with all solar value chain members. As solar continues to mature, it has to become a team sport to ensure quality outcomes over the long run.”

On March 20 at 11:00 AM, in room 305B at the NABCEP 2024 conference, Tigo trainers Leonard Price and Greg Smith will host a CEU-eligible session titled, ‘Commercial Applications: Design and Install for Success with Tigo Commercial Installations.’ The session is focused on TQS and the top 5 design and installation criteria for a successful installation and will arm both seasoned veteran and hopeful novice installers with the knowledge to ensure long-lasting, worry-free systems. Smith also joins industry peers for an ESS Monetization and Customer Expectations panel on March 20 at 2:00 PM.

NABCEP 2024 attendees are invited to visit Tigo at booth #10 or schedule a meeting with a Tigo representative in advance of the conference here. The Tigo sales team is not attending NABCEP 2024, but sales inquiries can be made here.

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