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May 12, 2023

Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Fleet Manager Updates

Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Fleet Manager is a new fleet management experience within the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Platform.
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Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Fleet Manager Updates

Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Fleet Manager is a new fleet management experience within the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Platform. These new capabilities are designed to optimize the installer experience around monitoring and maintaining fleets of solar installations and aimed at improving system performance while reducing operations and maintenance costs.

Please refer to this informative webinar with detailed overviews of the updated Fleet Manager features of EI Software: Webinar: Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) Fleet Manager Updates

Here are the primary capabilities and advantages of this solution:


The EI Fleet Manager offers a graphical interface with centralized and real-time data to provide visibility into a range of crucial fleet information, such as health comparisons across sites, identification of sites encountering critical faults, commissioning times, the most frequent faults across a fleet, and commissioning status by categorizing sites into ‘pending’, ‘in-progress’ and ‘completed’ categories. Fleet Manager Dashboard analyzes and pre-filters fleet data and draws attention to commonly needed information requiring attention. It uses data visualization tools such as graphs and charts to display the fleet information for easier interpretation and understanding of data.

The interactive Fleet Dashboard provides rich and actionable system performance data from the fleet down to the module level, reducing Mean-time-to-Resolution (MTTR) and focusing resources on the most important issues.  

All Systems View

With just a glance, ‘All Systems’ view provides valuable insights into key information of all sites in a fleet. It allows users to view the health of multiple systems in a centralized location. Additionally, ‘All Systems’ view provides a consolidated list of valuable information about the configuration status, performance metrics, equipment type and count, and location data.  

‘All Systems’ View saves time and effort by eliminating the need to check each system individually. It can be customized and/or filtered to display only relevant information, further streamlining the user’s workflow.


Saved filters can now be visualized as a grid of clickable launch points or ‘Groups’, enabling fast navigation to systems organized by common attributes like equipment type, location, size, and status. The advanced filtered listing of selected systems displays not only key information about health, location, weather, performance, and configuration status but also serves as a quick launch point to detailed information down to the level of an individual PV module, or inverter.

This reduces the number of clicks needed to view critical information and leads a troubleshooter to the next actionable step.

System Status View

The ‘Status’ view of individual sites brings commonly needed information like equipment status, configuration settings, individual module performance, and identification data immediately to an operator’s attention, reducing the time needed to resolve fault conditions.


The Tigo Energy Intelligence Fleet Manager provides a comprehensive historical view of the status and changes made to individual piece of equipment or sites including a record of when issues were first reported, their resolution status, and detailed descriptions of any encountered events.  In addition, any notes made by those working on the issue are displayed, providing a comprehensive record of its history, and facilitating effective issue management. These notes also empower a customer to open a support ticket directly to Tigo for fast reporting and response to critical issues.

Performance Ratio

One of the exciting features of the Tigo Energy Intelligence Fleet Manager is the Performance Ratio, powered by a unique Tigo-developed algorithm. Performance Ratio provides a holistic view of a site’s performance. It computes a site’s performance by blending data about system health, energy output data, weather, known degradation of equipment, and comparison to nearby peers, representing a true indication of how well a system is performing.

TS4-A-F/2F Monitoring

In addition to the above Fleet Manager features, the Tigo Energy Intelligence platform now supports statistics gathering for a Tigo inverter lacking a monitor-enabled MLPE, specifically supporting TS4-A-F and TS4-A-2F systems.

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Overall, the Tigo Energy Intelligence platform with the new EI Fleet Manager is a robust and comprehensive solution that offers solar installers greater visibility and control over their installations, reducing costs and increasing system performance and revenue. By providing a centralized view, real-time monitoring, customizable views, and data visualization, EI Fleet Manager can help users make more informed decisions about the health of their systems. This can lead to quicker and more effective responses to any issues or problems that arise.

Tigo Energy's commitment to innovation and excellence in solar PV optimization solutions continues to position the company at the forefront of the industry.

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