February 8, 2023

Tigo Energy Installers in Brazil Optimize Solar Production and System Longevity with TS4 Platform

Intercraft Solar deploys Tigo products to deliver solar performance in complex and varied shade and roof pitch environments.
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Tigo Energy Installers in Brazil Optimize Solar Production and System Longevity with TS4 Platform

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, February 8, 2023Tigo Energy, Inc. ("Tigo," or the "Company"), a leading provider of intelligent solar and energy storage solutions, today unveiled its work with Intercraft Solar (“Intercraft”), a designer and installer of solar photovoltaic energy solutions based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to maximize solar performance on shade-prone and variable pitch roofs. Intercraft uses Tigo MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) devices to deliver optimal power generation, detailed module-level monitoring, and advanced rapid-shutdown functionality.

Intercraft serves the residential and commercial solar markets by combining a focus on customer satisfaction and service with advanced solar technology. Intercraft uses Tigo Flex MLPE devices because of their broad compatibility with inverter models from top manufacturers, which gives installers like Intercraft the flexibility to design systems to the cost and performance criteria provided by customers. In Intercraft’s portfolio of systems installed with Tigo Energy optimizers, installations are often found with shading due to walls, antennas and trees, as well as a ground system with modules at four different angles.

“I advise my customers to use what I think are the best products on the market because these investments should deliver great performance throughout their more than two-decade lifespans, and Tigo is always on that list,” said Wesseley Dutra, co-owner of Intercraft Solar. “Tigo TS4-A-O optimizers allow us to design systems that deliver outstanding solar energy production, even on roofs with shading obstructions like walls, antennas, and trees. In addition to great performance, we deploy Tigo because the products deliver the reliability and longevity our customers have come to expect.”

The Tigo TS4 platform maximizes the benefit of PV systems for installers on all continents. With a range from less than 10kW to more than 10MW in size, and installation in less than ten seconds per module, Tigo has a globally proven, trusted, and reliable product portfolio, from rapid shutdown to module-level monitoring and advanced energy optimization. Additionally, Tigo products can work seamlessly with more than 2,000 inverter types.

“At Tigo, our mission is to help solar installers deliver the best possible solution for their customers by empowering them with greater design flexibility, features and performance they expect,” said Hugo Moreira, technical manager, Latin America at Tigo Energy. “The team at Intercraft Solar serves as a great example of a solar installation company that takes full advantage of everything Tigo has to offer, and I look forward to our continued collaboration.”

To learn more about Tigo Flex MLPE products, please visit or contact the Tigo sales team at

About Tigo Energy, Inc.

Founded in 2007, Tigo is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of smart hardware and software solutions that enhance safety, increase energy yield, and lower operating costs of residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar systems. Tigo combines its Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) and solar optimizer technology with intelligent, cloud-based software capabilities for advanced energy monitoring and control. Tigo MLPE products maximize performance, enable real-time energy monitoring, and provide code-required rapid shutdown at the module level. The company also develops and manufactures products such as inverters and battery storage systems for the residential solar-plus-storage market. For more information, please visit

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