March 28, 2024

Tigo Energy Headquarters Receives 90kW of Optimized Solar from Long-Time Installer Partner

Tigo Energy installation partner Laibach Solar optimizes the solar system at Tigo US headquarters to overcome shading challenges and maximize energy gain with Reclaimed Energy.
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Tigo Energy Headquarters Receives 90kW of Optimized Solar from Long-Time Installer Partner

CAMPBELL, Calif, March 28, 2024 — Tigo Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: TYGO), a leading provider of intelligent solar and energy software solutions, today announced the installation and commissioning of a rooftop solar system at its headquarters in California. The system was designed and deployed by Tigo installer partner, Laibach Solar, and has averaged 5% Reclaimed Energy since it was commissioned. Laibach Solar is an employee-owned solar installer in Northern California dedicated to combining high-quality components with unbeatable pricing. It has been a valued installation partner for Tigo since 2018. The installation now contributes to the growth of U.S. corporate solar adoption, which was 14% of the U.S. Solar Market as of 2022, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

The installation is equipped with 180 Tigo TS4-A-O MLPE devices, the Tigo Access Point (TAP), and the Tigo Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) data logging device. The 90kW system design, which includes 180 500W solar modules and a Solectria inverter, had to overcome significant shading challenges from existing roof features. By deploying its own technology, the performance of the system on the Tigo headquarters will only be minimally impacted by shading throughout the day and be further boosted by Tigo Reclaimed Energy technology. Tigo will also benefit from module-level monitoring and advanced rapid shutdown safety measures to protect solar professionals, building maintenance personnel, and first responders.

“We have used Tigo products on many projects over the years because of the quality and design flexibility they deliver, and it was great to design a system for the Tigo headquarters where we were able to overcome shading constraints from the barrier wall structures with their own technology,” said Dejan Obradovic, owner at Laibach Solar. “While this system is clearly something of a crown jewel for us as a solar installation company, there is no doubt that the pressure is also on, which is why we are using the Energy Intelligence monitoring platform and Tigo EI Professional to keep an eye on things. Tigo is a great partner on our solar mission, and we look forward to many more years of empowering solar with great software and a shared commitment to quality.”

With the Tigo Energy Intelligence monitoring platform, Laibach Solar and Tigo Energy have full control and visibility over the installation. This platform not only allows Tigo to monitor Reclaimed Energy and shading occurrences but also provides optimization insights, ensuring the system operates at its peak efficiency. The Tigo Energy Intelligence Portal gives insight into Reclaimed Energy, or the amount of energy that would have been lost due to shading and any module mismatch. On typical sunny days, the rooftop system at the Tigo headquarters is projected to reclaim an average of approximately 14kWh, daily.

“I want to thank the team at Laibach Solar for the great system design and a very high-quality installation, particularly as it relates to overcoming a tricky combination of shading and permitting constraints,” said Jing Tian, chief growth officer at Tigo Energy. “With the setup we have today, our solar output is being optimized to give us the best possible gain in the form of Reclaimed Energy, which helps us constantly shave off of the power demand we would have for the grid. This system is exactly the kind of result that a commitment to Total Quality Solar can produce.”

In the spirit of the timeless manufacturing principles of Total Quality Management, Total Quality Solar (TQS) is a principle that guides a continual process of detecting and reducing errors in the design, installation, and equipment throughout the solar ecosystem.

To learn more about the Tigo Energy Intelligence platform, sign up for a custom demo here. To inquire about products, contact the sales team here.

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