February 7, 2024

Tigo Energy Green Glove Program for C&I Solar Builds Bridge to Total Quality Solar

The Green Glove service program from Tigo creates a crucial link between solar hardware manufacturers, system designers, and installers for quality and longevity in solar installations.
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Tigo Energy Green Glove Program for C&I Solar Builds Bridge to Total Quality Solar

CAMPBELL, Calif, FEBRUARY 7, 2024Tigo Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: TYGO), a leading provider of intelligent solar and energy storage solutions, today announced that the Company's innovative Green Glove program has resulted in satisfied installers, as the team supports throughout every installation phase. Available to all solar installers, the Green Glove program is specifically designed to deliver a premium support experience that enriches the C&I installer journey from design to commissioning. Since the program launched, installers across North America and Europe have taken advantage of the Green Glove program for 70 installations, resulting in better outcomes for end customers.

For Tigo installers such as Southern California Energy Alternatives and Circuit Energy Solutions, the Green Glove process starts with a comprehensive design review before installation, in which Tigo support personnel provide valuable insights and guidance. During installation, the support personnel are available on-call at regional Tigo locations to assist and address any concerns. After installation, the support team conducts thorough reviews and follow-up discussions, continually addressing outstanding questions and gathering valuable feedback to enhance the overall installation experience.

“Optimizing the installation process is critically important to us because we operate in more than 15 U.S. states, and we got involved with the Green Glove program to help our installers deal with the wide variety of construction methods and designs they face,” said Brittany Johnson, Project Coordinator at Circuit Energy Solutions. “When we heard about the release of Green Glove, we decided to give it a try because such close-knit relationships with solar technology providers are genuinely rare. This was a great decision because the design review was user-friendly, and having on-call support during installation was a game-changer. Our team gives it a perfect ten across the board.”

“What Tigo Energy pulls off with Green Glove is a thousand times better than what anyone else is doing for their customers,” said Brandon Slater, President of Southern California Energy Alternatives. “Tigo not only comes with top-notch quality products for designing and installing, but their Green Glove program takes the whole installation experience to the next level. Our ride with Tigo has been nothing short of awesome, helping SCE Alternatives step up our game in delivering superior customer experience."

Through a series of formalized support engagements, the Green Glove program drives quality across the solar value chain with a process that engages installers before, during, and after installation. After more than 15 years in the market, in excess of tens of thousands of commercial installations, and >1.5GWh monitored daily, Tigo is sharing insights into the success factors and the challenges for commercial and industrial solar installations. With an MLPE platform that interfaces with thousands of different inverters across dozens of suppliers in the market, Tigo also has a uniquely broad view of nearly every conceivable configuration and situation.

“In order for the continued growth of the solar industry, we must play as a team with a focus on quality. Green Glove is the Tigo playbook that is helping shape the future of solar through quality and collaboration,” said JD Dillon, chief marketing officer at Tigo Energy. “With thousands of engineering hours spent analyzing issues in C&I installations–regardless of whether those issues were related to Tigo products–Green Glove participants benefit from an unprecedented base of practical knowledge. The success of Green Glove to date is a testament to Tigo's commitment to Total Quality Solar."

To register for the Green Glove program, please visit the Tigo Energy website.

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Founded in 2007, Tigo is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of smart hardware and software solutions that enhance safety, increase energy yield, and lower operating costs of residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar systems. Tigo combines its Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) and solar optimizer technology with intelligent, cloud-based software capabilities for advanced energy monitoring and control. Tigo MLPE products maximize performance, enable real-time energy monitoring, and provide code-required rapid shutdown at the module level. The company also develops and manufactures products such as inverters and battery storage systems for the residential solar-plus-storage market. For more information, please visit

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