January 4, 2023

The Rise of Module Level Power Electronics

S&P Global’s latest white paper details the surge of MLPE use for distributed solar generation
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The Rise of Module Level Power Electronics - S&P Report

At Tigo, we know there are plenty of reasons to use module level power electronics (MLPE) in your solar installations. We have seen a multitude of use cases and significant adoption since we started in 2007.

Although we know the benefits – like increased energy production from optimizers, enhanced safety with rapid shutdown, and lower O&M with module-level monitoring – it’s encouraging when major research publications spell them out so clearly.

This year, S&P Global released a whitepaper completely dedicated to MLPE and the rapid rise of technology. While we encourage everyone to read the full report, below are a few notable themes and highlights:

  • Huge Growth: S&P Global has been tracking the growth of the intelligent solar industry and they are reporting a 33% jump from 2019-2021.  This is even faster than the solar industry is growing as a whole.
  • Rapid shutdown driving adoption in some regions: “The United States has remained the largest market for MLPE representing around 44% of global shipments in 2021. The National Electric Code (NEC) has been a key driver of growth for MLPE here”
  • Multiple benefits driving adoption in other regions: Other regions, such as Europe, Latin America, and Australia, have not been driven by mandatory fire-safety regulations, but rather by the steady growth of rooftop PV installations. “While consumers are not obliged to adopt these technologies, they have been persuaded by other benefits such as optimized yield, enhanced monitoring capabilities, and in certain cases, easier installation.”
  • Technological Innovations: The incorporation of advanced Artificial Intelligence into your modules gives you the ability to map your layout digitally, module by module, no matter how large the install is. Adding this intelligence allows you to see issues at the module level as soon as they arise, therefore lowering your operating and maintenance costs.

In conclusion, Module Level Power Electronics deliver multiple benefits for solar installers and end users, and this is driving their increased adoption.  Whether you’re thinking about adding MLPE’s to existing or new modules, the added benefits seen here in S&P Global’s whitepaper speak for themselves. To learn more about how to make your installation more intelligent, contact us here at Tigo.


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