EI Professional - getting started

Information and resources about EI Professional: multi-site dashboard and tools for company-wide collaboration to reduce O&M expenses.
Tigo Energy Intelligence platform multi-desktop view showing solar fleet management.
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Welcome to EI Professional

EI Professional is a new offering for installers and O&M providers who manage multiple solar installations. It's part of the Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI) ecosystem and is automatically connected to all of the sites under your company account.

Below is some useful information to guide you through the features and benefits. Use this form to provide feedback so we can improve our offering.

For in-depth walkthroughs and to get trained with a self-paced, on-demand EI Professional course via the Tigo Academy.


Tigo is offering a free trial of EI Professional to all installer accounts for a limited time. At the end of the trial, the fee for EI Professional is just $199 per year, per company account.


In addition to all the features of EI Basic, an EI Professional company subscription enables:

  • Centralized, multi-system access
  • All systems view - comprehensive portfolio data in one glance  
  • Comprehensive equipment info & health status view
  • History of module, component, and system events since inception
  • Integrated real-time messaging tool
  • Dashboard insights
  • Track commissioning
  • Health comparison of all managed installations  
  • Group navigator page  

For more detailed features and setup information, visit the Tigo EI Professional page

How to access EI Professional

Until the free trial period ends, all installers will see the EI Professional features when they login to the EI Portal at www.ei.tigoenergy.com.

If you don't see new features shown in the All Systems View or new options on the left navigation bar, make sure you have a company account. You can verify this or create one using these instructions here.

Note: EI Professional is only available via internet browser.


Q: Does this affect the features and webpages that I am used to?
A: No functionality was removed. EI Professional has additional capabilities and screens we believe will help solar professionals with their day to day operations.

Q: Will individual system owners see the EI Professional features?
A: EI Professional is for solar professionals. Individual system owners will not have access to it.

Q: I see EI Professional but I do not see any new capabilities?
A: This is because you have not established a company account yet.

Q: How do I create a company account?
A: We have a full guide here.

Q: I'm new to the EI Portal - do you have a summary of what is available?
A: Yes, we have a full guide here

Q: How do I create a new EI Portal installer account?
A: We put together a guide here

Q: What will happen when the trial period ends?
A: Tigo will provide a link to sign-up for an annual subscription. If a user doesn't sign up, EI Professional features will be removed from the account.

Q: I’m not sure how to use EI Professional, is there help I can get?
A: We have a series of open info sessions that you can join live or on demand (see sidebar on left for desktop or below for mobile)


The full details of Tigo EI Professional can be found here: Tigo EI Professional page

To request a personalized demo, simply fill out this form: EI Demo Request

We'd love to hear your feedback, use the form below

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