Tigo’s Selective Deployment modeled on Aurora’s software - October 25, 2016



Tigo’s Selective Deployment modeled on Aurora’s software


LOS GATOS, Calif., October 25th, 2016 – Tigo, the Flex MLPE pioneer released the market changer Selective Deployment feature, where Tigo’s revolutionary TS4 optimizers are only placed on the needed panels, rather than on all of the array, thus dramatically cutting costs while still enabling highest energy yield.

The energy benefits of the smart modules using Selective deployment can now be fully calculated and compared using Aurora Solar’s cloud-based solar sales and design software. Aurora is the first modeling tool to simulate Selective Deployment of Tigo’s optimization.


Selective Deployment is a major differentiator for the TS4 platform. It has been driving the cost of optimization down, and already incorporates the Module-level Rapid ShutDown requirements in the most cost effective way compared to any other solution currently available on the market.

Aurora Solar is a platform for residential and commercial solar sales and engineering design. Aurora has a proprietary module-level performance simulation engine, which allows users to precisely calculate the energy output of your solar design. Aurora’s features include automatic National Electrical Code system design validation, BOS components, LIDAR data, bankable shade reports and comprehensive financial analysis. Aurora’s database contains thousands of modules and inverters.

“Aurora has managed to implement Tigo’s selective deployment feature which demonstrates the energy gains using Tigo’s technology in a truly bankable way. It is a major step forward for the smart module market and specifically our smart module partners,” said Zvi Alon, CEO of Tigo. “This feature allows installers and developers to model the ROI of solar systems with selective deployment. It also communicates these benefits to the system owners in a language that banks and financiers understand”

Tigo’s smart module partners and their customers can immediately take advantage of Aurora’s design software.

“Aurora’s objective has always been to be the solar industry’s platform for sales and engineering design. At the core of that is having the highest accuracy performance simulation engine, thereby allowing solar installers to make accurate design decisions, and performance guarantees. As the industry develops increasingly sophisticated products, we are excited to be the first software platform to accurately model the behavior and performance characteristics of this new class of equipment“, says Sam Adeyemo, COO of Aurora.

Watch the video demo on how to use Aurora Solar simulating performance of Tigo’s TS4.



About Aurora:

Aurora is a one-stop platform for solar sales and engineering design. Key features include NREL-validated remote shading analysis and energy performance analysis, financial analysis and engineering documents, such as one line diagrams. Over 8,000 projects per week are designed in the Aurora platform in the US and internationally.

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About Tigo

Leading the MLPE market for years led Tigo to envision and deliver the Flex MLPE architecture, cornerstone of the PV industries effort to convert every PV module to the IoT. After years of research, development, testing and certification, Tigo brought the revolutionary TS4 platform (the smartest modular MLPE) to market. Tigo’s first and revolutionary new concept to fully support the Flex MLPE architecture.


Tigo’s modular TS4 platform can be selectively deployed with different functionalities per module at different price points utilizing Predictive IV (PIV) technology to maximize energy harvest at minimal cost. The TS4 platform comes in integrated solution and retrofit/add-on solution.


Flex MLPE offers customers, suppliers, and financial communities the solution that improves return on investment at each level and guarantees to reduce the O&M cost over the life time of any project.


Tigo has operations in the USA, across Europe, Japan, China, Australia and the Middle East.

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