Tigo reshapes the solar industry by shipping the first 1500V Flex MLPE - July 7, 2016

Tigo® re-shapes the solar industry by shipping the First 1500V certified Flex MLPE

Supporting PV installations of 600V, 1000V and 1500V systems worldwide


LOS GATOS, Calif., July 7th, 2016 – Tigo®, the Flex MLPE pioneer, recently extended its platform design to support up to 1500V PV systems which can further reduce installation time, system components, wiring and other BOS costs.

Tigo’s TS4 platform recently got listed by CSA under ANSI/UL std.1741, CSA 22.2 -01 requirements.  TS4 product designs are fully certified and are ready for design and installation to support 1500V grid-tied PV system.

Technically, raising the system voltage to 1500 volts allows for 50% longer strings, which eliminates 33% of the combiners and wiring in a system. The longer string enables a higher inverter input voltage, which supports an increase in the inverter’s rated output power by 40% to 70%. With its currently shipping Long String feature, Tigo® further improves the customer benefits beyond the 1500 volt capability. TS4 gives installers a greater degree of control over what they want and need for any given project, big or small.

“The evolution to 1500V systems is further proof that Tigo’s technology is ready to meet current demand of 1500V system requirements. Their innovative 1500V Flex MLPE was the missing link that enables the industry to move forward thanks to the Long Strings capability. Tigo’s products reliability remains one of the best in the industry.” Said Surinder S. Bedi, Executive Vice President, Global Quality and Reliability, System Products and Market Development of Sunpreme.

Tigo’s value proposition is clear. Tigo’s Flex MLPE TS4 platform is the most flexible in the world, working with all major inverter and module manufacturers globally. Since Tigo architected its products well, it never was a technical barrier for Tigo® system to work on 1500V requirement; it was code restrictions and we are certified.” Said Zvi Alon, CEO of Tigo®. “

The 1500V certified Flex MLPE is shipping immediately. For price and delivery call +1.408.402.0802 ext. 1, email sales@tigoenergy.com or check our website at Tigoenergy.com


About Sunpreme Inc.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Sunpreme is a global solar photovoltaic company that designs, develops and manufactures its proprietary HCT which delivers the best cost performance value to clean-tech customers, worldwide. Sunpreme provides the world’s most powerful Bifacial and Smart Panels with STC outputs of 310W – 500W based on a patented HCT platform. With 7 of top 10 rankings among thin-film PV products, Sunpreme solutions are deployed across the US, including Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaiian Islands, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Utah, Vermont, and worldwide: in Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Ecuador, Fiji, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, the Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey and UK. For more information, visit: www.sunpreme.com


About Tigo®

Serving the MLPE market for years led Tigo® to envision and deliver the Flex MLPE architecture, cornerstone of the PV industries effort to convert every PV module to the IoT. After years of research, development, testing and certification, Tigo® brought the revolutionary TS4 platform (the smartest modular MLPE) to market. Tigo’s first and revolutionary new concept to fully support the Flex MLPE architecture.

Tigo’s modular TS4 platform can be selectively deployed with different functionalities per module at different price points utilizing Predictive IV (PIV) technology to maximize energy harvest at minimal cost. The TS4 platform comes in integrated solution and retrofit/add-on solution.

Flex MLPE offers customers, suppliers, and financial communities the solution that improves return on investment at each level and guarantees to reduce the O&M cost over the life time of any project.

Tigo® has operations in the USA, across Europe, Japan, China, Australia and the Middle East.

Tigo is online at tigoenergy.com

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