Tigo® achieves UL recognition for TS4-R - March 23, 2016

Tigo® achieves UL, Recognition for its TS4-R (retrofit/add on)

LOS GATOS, Calif., March 24th, 2016 - Tigo®, the Smart Module market leader, today announced that the newly released TS4-R platform for the retrofit/Add-on received the North American standards ANSI/UL1741, CSA 22.2 Recognition by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a leading global safety science organization.

The TS4-R is a universal base that can be applied to Retrofit or Add-on Solar system.

The TS4-R joins the family of the TS4 Platform which enables module manufacturers and installers to standardize on a single platform and utilize any of the cost effective Module Level Power Electronic (MLPE) functions currently available.

The TS4-R addresses the need for a retrofit solution that can be mounted on any existing installed PV system, connected into the existing PV module J-Box, improving energy harvesting, greater flexibility, and increased control over project to the existing PV system. The offering for the retrofit project is composed of a two-piece solution: the TS4-R base, which is assembled on the solar PV module framing or to the racking, and its covers having plug-and-play interchangeable MLPE. It supports any of the wide offering of the existing TS4 Platform functional covers. It can also be designed into a new system.

Like the TS4-B (Smart Module J-Box), the TS4-R can be fit with any of the 5 different covers:


  • A customer can choose any of the 5 currently shipping covers (announced 2015)

TS4-L Long String

TS4-O Optimization

TS4-S Safety

TS4-M Monitoring

TS4-D Diodes

Attach any of the above covers to the TS4-R and get the functionality desired for the specific project at the lowest cost in the market.


  • The TS4-R is available for purchase immediately in three pre-assembled versions:

TS4-R-O: Optimization

TS4-R-S: Safety

TS4-R-M: Monitoring

And of course as a stand-alone base:

TS4-R: Retrofit/add-on unit that can accommodate any TS4 Cover.


Tigo’s platform is currently the most flexible in the world, working with all the major inverter and module manufacturers globally.  The introduction of TS4-R gives the market the ability to deploy state of the art solutions to existing installations, increasing the energy produced for the highest ROI. In addition, installers get a greater degree of control over what they want and need for any given project.

“We’re pleased to have reached this milestone,” said Zvi Alon, CEO of Tigo.  “UL holds all equipment manufacturers to the highest of safety standards and Tigo is pleased to have its product Recognition by industries best recognized laboratory worldwide”

“Achieving UL Recognition indicates to end product manufacturers that Tigo’s smart module technology meets the foundational safety requirements for electric shock and fire. The UL Recognized component mark demonstrates our joint commitment towards safe, clean energy,” said Jeff Smidt, vice president & general manager of UL’s energy and power technologies division. 

About Tigo®

Tigo is the market leader in smart module technology for the solar industry. The Silicon Valley Company utilizes a patented technology to increase energy production, simplify design and installation, improve fire safety, and ensure the highest uptime and reliability with cloud-based monitoring. Tigo’s modular TS4 platform can be selectively deployed with different functionalities per module at different price points utilizing Predictive IV (PIV) technology to maximize energy harvest at minimal cost. Tigo’s integrated solution is the first and most successful smart module solution in the industry.

Tigo was founded in 2007 by a team of experienced technologists. Tigo developed the first generation Smart Module Optimizer technology for the solar industry. By partnering with module and inverter manufacturers in the industry, Tigo is able to focus on its key innovation and leverage the broader ecosystem. Tigo has operations in the USA, across Europe, Japan, China, Australia and the Middle East.


Tigo is online at tigoenergy.com

For more information please contact:

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