Tigo Energy: Presenting Company At Alternative Energy Innovations Is Named A 2009 FiReStarter

Strategic News Service (SNS) announced the selection of Tigo Energy, the solar company whose unique technology significantly increases efficiency in photovoltaic solar installations, as a 2009 FiReStarter. The solar energy efficiency player was chosen out of thousands of nominations due to the company’s promising technology.

According to Mark Anderson, the founder of the FiReStarters program, «We selected Tigo Energy as a FiReStarter because the next step in the global solar energy rollout is efficient management and control, and Tigo is a global leader in this field. Advances like Tigo’s which can harvest additional watts from both existing and future solar installations will accelerate our transition away from fossil fuels, an assist that the world desperately needs.» He states, «As we look to the future, I suspect the incorporation of Tigo Energy’s unique technology that maximizes energy output per panel, may well become an industry standard that significantly addresses the balance-of-system inefficiencies presented by PV solar installations.»

«Given SNS’ history,» Sam Arditi, Tigo Energy’s CEO acknowledges, «it is an honor to be selected as a 2009 FiReStarter and to be recognized for the work we are doing in re-capturing some of the over $500 million lost in economic value from PV solar installations due to the inefficiency in harvesting power output from modules.»

Each year, SNS selects twelve promising companies from across a broad spectrum of industries that are on the cusp of making great strides in improving the world. The selection committee includes: business leaders and top strategic investment partners and venture capitalists from around the globe.

SNS has developed a track record of choosing new companies and businesses with start-up technologies that have successfully gone public after receiving the FiReStarter recognition. Recent cases include: Zix Corporation and healthcare world-changer American Wells.

Tigo Energy has developed a Distributed Inverter System Solution which immediately returns up to 20% upside power from today’s traditionally architected systems. As a «CapEx neutral» system, achieved through the re-partitioning of system electronics, the value of increased power generation is available to the system owner in the first year. Operational expenses (cost-of-ownership) are also reduced through increased system reliability, safety enhancements and advanced module-level management for granular maintenance and warrantee service.

Started in 2007, Tigo Energy completed initial funding with a Series A round led by Matrix Partners and OVP, and has successfully deployed installations in the United States, Japan and Europe in cooperation with some of the most prominent solar players.

Sam Arditi, CEO of Tigo Energy will be presenting in the Solar Track at 11:15 and 12:15 on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 at the Alternative Energy Innovations Spring 2009 Conference