Tigo Announces Distribution Partnership with Mexico’s Exel Solar to Feature Tigo’s TS4 MLPE Platform Exclusively

Distribution Partnership with Largest PV Wholesaler In Mexico, Exel Solar

LOS GATOS, Calif., September 1, 2015 /BusinessWire/ – Tigo Energy, the smart module market leader, announced today its distribution partnership with Exel Solar, Inc. (“Exel”), a subsidiary of one of Mexico’s top 400 companies Exel Group. In support of the local market, they will collaboratively drive the adoption of the TS4 product offering. The TS4 platform deploys a modular approach while enabling greater design flexibility, reducing inventory costs, and ensuring the maximum return on investment for solar installers.

Duhart went on to add, “The Tigo TS4 platform makes possible the use of different MLPE functionalities on the same string. We utilized this feature in a recent project that is exceeding our expectations and making us proud to offer our customers a product we know first-hand will deliver the reliability and bankability it promises.”Exel Solar is the largest PV Wholesaler in Mexico providing installers constant training and support while offering the most innovative products online and financial services in the market. Last week Exel introduced Tigo’s TS4 platform to the top 150 installers in Mexico’s solar industry. Exel’s CEO Horacio Duhart commented on the partnership, “We are aware of competing products, but once we saw the revolutionary selective deployment feature of Tigo’s TS4 platform we knew that Tigo is the next big thing.”

Having just debuted their partnership with Tigo, Exel has already purchased an inventory of 2.5 MW worth of Tigo-powered TS4-L Smart Modules from several leading PV module manufacturers, including: Trina, ET, and Perlight.

Each TS4 platform comprises a universal base that latches onto one of five detachable covers incorporating different functionalities. The first five TS4 covers offered by Tigo include the following functionalities:

  • TS4-D (Diode): Most reliable standard JBox dissipating heat away from the module, minimizing
     the hot spots
  • TS4-M (Monitoring): Remotely collects in 2 second increments: voltage, current, temperature, manufacturer name, module type, date manufactured, barcode, and much more wirelessly via module-level communication; brings operations and maintenance (O&M) costs considerably down
  • TS4-S (Safety): Rapid shutdown compliant via module-level deactivation, supports anti-theft and revenue protection functionality (includes Monitoring capabilities)
  • TS4-O (Optimization): Addresses shade, module mismatch, system level efficiencies mitigation, and age tolerance for maximum energy harvesting (includes Monitoring and Safety capabilities)
  • TS4-L (Long Strings): Increases string length by up to 30% via voltage control mechanism of each module (includes Monitoring, Safety, and Optimization capabilities) 

All five covers can be mixed, matched, and interchanged according to desired functionality at any point in time. Tigo’s TS4 offers the most practical evolution of module-level-power-electronics, setting the industry standard in design and flexibility.

“We are excited that Exel has chosen to work exclusively with Tigo in offering the Mexican market any required function of MLPE, including DC optimizer solutions that can meet maximum harvest at greatest ROI needs,” said Zvi Alon, Chairman and CEO of Tigo.

About Tigo Energy

Tigo Energy is the market leader in smart module technology for the solar industry. The Silicon Valley Company utilizes a patented technology to increase energy production, simplify design and installation, improve fire safety, and ensure the highest uptime and reliability with cloud-based monitoring. Tigo’s modular TS4 platform can be selectively deployed with different functionalities per module at different price points utilizing predictive IV (PIV) technology to maximize energy harvest at minimal cost. Tigo’s integrated solution is the first and most successful smart module solution in the industry. Tigo is online at tigoenergy.com

About Exel Solar

Exel Solar is the largest PV Wholesaler in Mexico providing installers constant training and support while offering the most innovative products online and financial services in the market. Exel Solar has extensive experience in PV systems and has since 1999 been a company involved in the research and studies of renewable energy. In 2008, Exel was involved in the installation of the first system of PV modules interconnected to the grid in southeastern Mexico, pioneering installations of this type. Exel is online at exelsolar.com


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