Sunnova Installers Receive 3.4% Boost in Energy Yield by using Tigo Energy Technology

Sunnova Recognizes Energy Yield Advantage of Tigo’s Smart Module Technology in their Calculator

LOS GATOS, Calif., March 5, 2014 /BusinessWire/ — Tigo Energy the Smart Module market leader announced today that Sunnova Energy Corporation has added a 3.4% energy credit for installers using Tigo Energy technology into its solar quote tool. Installers using smart solar modules optimized by Tigo Energy will receive additional revenue from Sunnova compensating them for the added value that smart modules optimized by Tigo Energy deliver.

«Sunnova’s vision is to offer long-term, low-cost electricity options to homeowners across the United States,» said Jordan Fruge, Sr. VP of Sales at Sunnova. «In order to accomplish this we must look at the whole PV life-cycle and use the best collection of technologies to get the most energy from our fleet over the course of 25 years at the lowest cost. After diligent analysis we determined that Tigo Energy’s technology reduces our cost of energy, which in turn allows us to offer competitive, low-cost electricity rates to our customers.»

Sunnova’s announcement means that its network of installers will now be able to take full advantage of Tigo Energy’s technology without bearing the up-front cost themselves. Solar installers using smart modules optimized by Tigo Energy in their projects will get credit for an additional 3.4% more energy than a traditional system. This credit increases what Sunnova is willing to pay for systems optimized by Tigo Energy, effectively turning the long-term ROI benefit of Tigo into upfront dollar per watt value for its network of partners.

«We applaud Sunnova’s leadership in helping drive the solar industry towards low-cost electricity,» said Sam Arditi CTO for Tigo Energy. «Third party ownership has greatly accelerated solar proliferation, but it has created some challenges bridging the divide between newer technology gains the industry has made and system-owner value. Sunnova’s vision for low-cost electricity relies on more than just the lowest cost per watt; their foresight to build the value of Tigo into their tool today will help drive down their long-term electricity costs.»

Tigo Energy and its smart module partners will be able to participate in this new capability immediately. Tigo has announced partnerships with leading manufacturers such as Trina Solar, Lightway Solar, Axitec and others that are already on Sunnova’s AVL. These solutions incorporate Tigo Energy’s technology directly into the junction box enabling panel-level MPPT, increased design flexibility, enhanced safety, and industry-leading O&M capabilities without any extra boxes or labor.