Silfab Ontario Inc. Announces First Smart Module Made In America - 2013

The New Silfab Smart Module Provides Increased Energy Output and Design Flexibility to Maximize System Safety and the Revenue from your Solar System.

Silfab Ontario Inc., a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules, announces the availability of its newest line of high performance solutions — The Silfab Smart Module. Silfab combines the Company’s high performance modules with new technology from Tigo Energy to deliver a comprehensive solution to maximize roof space, increase power output, and enhance operations and maintenance resulting in better project economics for customers and installers alike.

Silfab continues in its commitment to provide better solutions for Silfab’s solar partners. The Silfab Smart Module uses built-in «Impedance Matching» technology to accurately and quickly optimize each module. Shading issues that would normally affect the entire module string are isolated, increasing total system production. This innovation results in up to 20 percent higher power output for arrays impacted by shading and up to 8 percent higher output for «perfect» installations. Additionally, the Smart Module allows for varying string lengths and roof angles, enabling installers to maximize roof coverage and simplify system design.

«Silfab’s new Smart Module» furthers Silfab Ontario’s commitment to providing an «intelligent» solar solution for our customers," said Paolo Maccario, Silfab Ontario’s Chief Operating Officer. «When our customers choose Silfab, they get more than high-performing modules; they get a partner that lowers the overall cost of going solar while maximizing their revenues.»

In addition to increased output, Silfab’s Smart Module offers better monitoring and safety as well. The Silfab Smart Module solution allows system owners to monitor system performance at the module level, track historical data and compile important system information via computer,

smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Users can receive weekly or monthly reports as well as monitor their system online. Additionally, the Silfab Smart Module improves module safety by shutting down modules automatically in case of some electrical failures (e.g.over-voltage) and by enabling remote system deactivation through the monitoring interface.

The Company’s new Smart Module solar solution is a collaborative effort between panel manufacturer Silfab Ontario and Silicon Valley’s technology company Tigo Energy.

«We are pleased to continue better addressing our customers in North America,» said Tim Kubes, VP of North America at Tigo Energy. «Silfab has been a great partner during this collaboration. Working together we are better able to address many of our customers’ requirements in North America.»

Contact your Silfab account manager at sales@silfab.ca to learn more about Silfab Smart Modules and Silfab Ontario Inc., a leading integrated manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules.