Gary Gerber to Join Tigo Energy's Board of Advisors

Los Gatos, CA – July 15, 2008 – Tigo Energy (www.tigoenergy.com), the solar company whose technology increases efficiency in photovoltaic solar installations, has been named a solar company to watch by industry veterans. In a sign of confidence, Gary Gerber, President and Founder of Sun Light and Power, one of northern California’s leading solar installers, has agreed to join Tigo Energy’s Board of Advisors.
According to Mr. Gerber, “Tigo Energy is definitely a solar company to watch. Tigo’s technology will integrate seamlessly to complement current and future solar components.” Gerber continues, “I have agreed to join the board of advisors because I have been impressed and excited by the team’s innovation and the potential for the Tigo solution to significantly benefit our industry and consumers.”
Tigo Energy increases output power, up-time, and reliability on existing and new solar installations, resulting in a faster return on investment and lower cost of ownership. According to CEO and co-founder Sam Arditi, “By viewing the system holistically overthe span of its useful life, Tigo Energy mitigates a variety of issues which limit the efficiency, availability and flexibility of today’s solar installations.”
Coming from strong technical backgrounds, Tigo’s two energetic founders, Sam Arditi and Ron Hadar, developed the company’s unique technology to maximize energy output per module. According to Ron Hadar, “Today’s best installations are designed to maximize power output across the entire system but because individual solar modules in a sub-array can perform very differently, the system currently is limited by the weakest module.” Arditi adds, “An individual module’s power output can be affected by shading, orientation, dust & debris, temperature and degradation over time. Tigo has demonstrated in our initial deployments that the strongest modules will generally operate below capacity while the weakest modules may be shut off entirely. As a result, Tigo Energy optimizes the output of each module in the sub-array, harvesting power output that is simply wasted today.” According to the company, for a typical residential installation, Tigo can improve power output (kWh) in excess of 20% depending on weather conditions. Tigo can also simplify the design, expand acceptable rooftop locations, and help maximize performance-based financial incentives (PBI) from state and federal governments.
As a result of these developments, Tigo Energy has been singled out by top tier industry players for its promising technology. Started in 2007, Tigo recently raised six million dollars in a round led by Matrix Partners and OVP Venture Partners, and has successfully deployed alpha installations in Northern California in cooperation with two of the most prominent regional installers.