Rec Solar Offers Tigo Energy® Maximizer Solution For Commercial And Residential Solar Installations

Tigo Maximizer Boosts Output of Solar Arrays by As Much As 20 Percent, Available Throughout the United States under REC Solar Agreement

LOS GATOS and SAN LUIS OBISPO, California, July 12, 2010 — REC Solar, Inc. and Tigo Energy® jointly announced today that the two companies have reached a development agreement to offer the Tigo Energy Maximizer SolutionTM as part of REC Solar’s commercial and residential installations throughout the United States.

REC Solar is one of the leading solar electric providers in the United States, and Tigo Energy has developed a technology that increases power output efficiency, management and control in solar photovoltaic (PV) installations.

The Tigo Energy Maximizer Solution creates smart modules that provide as much as 20 percent more energy production, active management capabilities and enhanced safety for utility, commercial and residential solar arrays.

«Tigo’s Maximizer Solution enables PV systems to output more electricity and achieve an industry-leading level of efficiency,» said Tigo Energy CEO Sam Arditi. «This means REC Solar system owners can harvest the maximum energy and financial return from their solar investment.»

REC Solar began offering Tigo’s Maximizer with its San Francisco Bay Area installations in February and has since extended this availability to its Los Angeles, San Diego and Colorado operations. REC Solar will further expand Maximizer availability this summer to all its territories in the United States.

«REC Solar has installed more solar systems than any system integrator in the nation,» said REC Solar CEO Angiolo Laviziano. «We’re constantly evaluating new technologies that will benefit our customers, and we are excited to offer the Tigo Energy Maximizer Solution as a transformative approach to module level control.»

The Tigo Energy Maximizer Solution
Tigo Energy has developed its innovative Maximizer technology with the goal of accelerating the advance of photovoltaic technologies by addressing key barriers to adoption.

Using innovative power electronics and software, the Maximizer Solution boosts the output of solar arrays up to as much as 20 percent by implementing maximum power point control at the module level, eliminating the negative impact of underperforming panels on the stronger panels.

The Maximizer Solution is compatible with all leading PV panels and inverters and offers a 20-year product warranty.

About Tigo Energy
Based in Los Gatos, California, Tigo Energy was founded in 2007 and focuses on applying innovative technologies to the solar PV space. Tigo Energy has offices in the United States, Japan, Germany and Israel and is commercially shipping volume systems in cooperation with most prominent worldwide solar distributors and EPCs. An expanding list of Tigo Energy’s distribution sales partners can be found at www.tigoenergy.com/distributors/. Additional information on Tigo Energy is available at www.tigoenergy.com.

About REC Solar, Inc.
REC Solar is an industry leading solar power provider specializing in grid-tied residential and commercial installations. With a local presence in all major solar markets in the USA and millions of watts installed, REC Solar is committed to lowering the cost of solar power through efficient processes, innovative products and outstanding customer service. REC Solar has more than a dozen offices in six states (California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona and New Jersey). For additional information on REC Solar visit www.recsolar.com or call 1-888-OK-SOLAR (888-657-6527).