Tigo Energy Achieves Compliance and Certification Landmark

Tigo Energy Introduces Latest Product Addition to the TIGO Energy™ Maximizer Family at PVSEC in Hamburg

Tigo Energy, the solar company whose unique technology significantly increases efficiency in photovoltaic solar installations, announced today that it officially has achieved compliance to the UL1741 as certified by CSA. Significantly, the Balance of Systems leader is the first DC-side maximizer solution with panel-level monitoring to achieve this certification.

The TIGO Energy™ Maximizer System provides an innovative solution to maximizing power output in today’s PV systems. The revolutionary technology provides up to 20% improvement from the same PV array by implementing a combination of innovative technologies that provide more energy production, increased visibility into the individual system components, and additional safety in array deactivation. With a constantly expanding number of systems installed around the world — some operational for over 12 months — Tigo Energy has gathered significant data on reliability, stability and up time in real world conditions for improved energy harvest.

According to Ron Hadar, President of Tigo Energy, «We have worked conscientiously on our quality and design to achieve the highest standards in function and safety which has now resulted in the CSA certification of compliance with UL1741. As we move forward, we will continue to differentiate our solution through innovation and the same standards of excellence which have enabled Tigo Energy to reach this milestone.»

Additionally, Tigo Energy’s certification enables the company to begin system sales immediately. «By achieving compliance and certification, we have reached an important landmark that will lead us to volume sales engagements,» explains Jeff Krisa, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tigo Energy.

The solar BOS company which has recently been named one of the 100 most important cleantech companies in the world by the Guardian News/Cleantech Group also is introducing the newest member to the Tigo Energy Module Maximizer family — the MM — ES (serial version) in Hamburg at EU PVSEC. The latest product has unprecedented conversion efficiency and is designed to work with inverters from leading manufacturers without modification. In fact, the MM- ES is considered perfectly suited for retrofit installations without changes in wiring. With an MSRP of US $56, it is also very affordable and will be available from leading solar distributors around the globe. The Tigo Energy Module Maximizer ES joins the MM-EP (parallel version) which was first introduced earlier this year. The MM-EP offers extreme flexibility — perfect for high-voltage, BIPV or floating systems — while providing the BOS cost reductions associated with very long branch lengths afforded by the parallel topology.

«We are glad to see the introduction of innovative technologies to the PV market such as the Tigo Energy Maximizer System,» said Paulo Rocco Viscontini, President of Enerpoint, Italy’s leading PV distributor. «We foresee the addition of the Tigo technology bringing extra value to our distribution customers and Enerpoint owned large-scale projects.»

Tigo Energy currently is offering demonstrations of the TIGO Energy Maximizer System and the MM —ES at EU PVSEC (Booth B1U/15). An analysis of real-world PV systems and side-by-side comparisons with and without the system is available, as well as more information about how Tigo Energy can improve residential, commercial and utility-scale systems in new and retrofit installations. Additionally, Tigo Energy executives, Sam Arditi (CEO) and Jeff Krisa (Vice President of Sales and Marketing), will be available for presentations, interviews and meetings. Tigo will also be exhibiting at Solar Power ’09 in Anaheim, California from October 27-29.