Why Tigo

1TS4 Platform with UHD-Core Technology

Tigo's TS4 Platform with UHD-Core technology, a suite of universal junction boxes, enables plug-and-play functionality to PV modules. TS4 provides a single interface for a range of different features - from safety and monitoring to optimization and longer strings.


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2Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA)

The Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) is the communication hub of the Tigo SMART communication platform. One of the smallest solar data loggers on the planet, it controls real-time optimization, provides safety features, and enables module-level monitoring via the Tigo cloud. 


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3Choose Any Inverter

The best inverter manufacturers in the market have approved the use of Tigo's TS4 Platform with their inverters. Tigo's diverse inverter portfolio enables the greatest combination of cost-efficiency, reliability, bankability, system flexibility, and energy harvest for any system.


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4Cloud-Based Module-Level Monitoring

View module-level production from your computer or mobile device. Simply install, configure, and manage your system with the Tigo SMART app available for iOS and Android devices.


Learn more about the Tigo's online monitoring platform.

5Tigo Access Point (TAP)

The Tigo Access Point (TAP) (and legacy Gateway product) provide robust and scalable wireless communication with each smart module.


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