Why Tigo

Success Rate of 99.99%

The return rate of Tigo's shipped optimizers is less than .01% worldwide. This RMA record is four times better than the competition!

Dual-Certified MLPE

Tigo's MLPE is dual-certified with UL & IEC to work with integrated module & inverter partners. These certifications are listed with 40+ module manufacturers & 2000+ inverter types, currently shipping worldwide.

Tigo Recovers 36% Power Loss

An average of 36% power loss from partial shading is recovered by Tigo's MLPE, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).!


3% MORE Power Recovery than the Competition

Tigo's recovered power loss on the DC side of new systems without mismatch is an average of 3% more energy than our competitors, as proven by DNV GL. 


The Only Multivendor MLPE Rapid Shutdown Certified Solution

Tigo's MLPE reduces liability and is safer for installers & firefighters in case of emergency. Our built-in module-level output shuts down and de-energizes string voltage to the safe limit of 30V or below to comply with NEC 2014 & 2017 rapid shutdown requirements

Rated for all Weather Conditions

Tigo's MLPE has achieved the industry's highest rating of IP68 for all product designs suitable for any weather condition - including in limited water submersion operating conditions. Tested and approved by MET Laboratories.

Widest Range of Climates on Earth

Antarctica is home to one of Tigo's coldest installations with temperatures dropping below -85ºC with 300km/hr winds while Sri Lanka has one of Tigo's most humid installations with tropical temperatures rising above 40ºC.