Tigo TS4-X: optimization, monitoring, rapid shutdown for the latest high-power modules

June 12, 2024
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Solar modules continue to grow in size, power, and current - many now exceeding 700W. Solar installers, EPC's and designers are turning to larger modules for a few reasons, including lower levelized cost of electricity and making the most of valuable roof space.

In response to market demand, Tigo recently released an all-new lineup of Flex MLPE: the TS4 X. Tigo TS4-X devices provide the latest in safety, monitoring, and optimization, including a new Multi-Factor Rapid Shutdown (MFRS) capability for critical applications, for solar installers deploying modules up to 800W.

In this webinar, experienced members of the Tigo team will talk through:

  • High wattage module trends
  • What they mean for system owners and installers
  • TS4-X solution details, specs
  • Unique product features that benefit large commercial sites.

This webinar will include details that are a mix of technical and economic. We look forward to seeing you there.

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