How to install Tigo module-level monitoring devices (TS4-A-O, S, M)

January 26, 2022
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"Join us for a detailed, step-by-step review of how to install Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE with module-level monitoring, including optimizers (TS4-A-O) and safety (TS4-A-S). Through this webinar, you'll the basics of designing and installing the necessary Tigo equipment on both small and large solar projects. You'll also be able to download key reference material through the platform.

Topics will include:
- The features of Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE
- Components required for an installation
- Design tips
- Installation steps
- Commissioning & monitoring the system

Products we will reference include:
- TS4-A-O
- TS4-A-S
- Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA)
- Tigo Access Point (TAP)

We look forward to seeing you there."

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