Build a Smart Solar Business with Energy Intelligence

November 9, 2023
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Soft costs have long been a pain point for the solar industry. Today, it is not enough to properly install a PV system and walk away from the job.

Net metering is going away, and rate structures are only getting more complex. Demand for energy storage systems and electric vehicles is on the rise. Customers will want and demand more from their solar installers.

What is the secret to success in the new solar marketplace? 

In this webinar, co-hosts Ryan Mayfield of Mayfield Renewables, Robert W. Cross of Cross Consulting Services, and JD Dillon and Archie Roboostoff of Tigo Energy will overview how today’s installers can boost their service offering and lower soft costs with Tigo Energy Intelligence.

The group will share examples of installers using software to scale efficiently while keeping customers—and service teams—happy. If you are a residential or commercial PV installer, you won’t want to miss this one.

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