Tigo Enhanced

Get Tigo Enhanced, get peace of mind.

Tigo Enhanced makes it extremely easy to identify and choose an inverter to pair with Tigo’s industry leading rapid shutdown devices.



Plug and play rapid shutdown

Tigo’s rapid shutdown devices work out of the box with any Tigo Enhanced inverter for a plug and play rapid shutdown solution. Tigo Enhanced inverters integrate Tigo communication technology and have been tested and certified to meet the required safety codes.

Tigo has a long list of inverters and charge controllers that have been UL PVRSS certified with Tigo’s rapid shutdown devices to meet NEC requirements. View the list here.





Look for Tigo Enhanced

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Why Rapid Shutdown matters

Rapid shutdown is all about safety. In case of a fire or emergency, the voltage on the conductors leaving the PV array must be lowered in order to reduce the risk of electric shock for first responders.

In the US, 35 states have adopted NEC 2017 or 2020, both of which require module level rapid shutdown. When including states that are ‘in progress’ the number jumps to 42 states.


Soon, every state will require module level rapid shutdown, and other countries are adopting similar standards as well.
We wrote an article on this topic - you can read more here.



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