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Tigo's Module-level Monitoring Benefits Abound After a Decade of Rooftop Solar Generation

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When Saxon Wright, owner of Pablo and Rusty moved to their new facility in North Ryde, Saxon was keen to install solar to reduce his business costs and his carbon impact on the world.

Known in the coffee industry as one of the early adopters of all things sustainable, Pablo and Rusty have been leaders in the reduction of waste in cafes for many years, starting with reusable caps and measured milk dispensers. Installing solar was just another aspect of reducing waste through the Pablo and Rusty organization.


When we first looked at Pablo and Rusty, Saxon was being quoted many different systems. Although, all where tradition legacy systems which was something that we informed Saxon would never work on his multi chimney and tree shaded roof. Issues to overcome at this site included several chimneys from the roasting machines, tree shade from the eastern boundary and shading from feature trees at the north of the property.


After explaining the benefits of Tigo to Saxon and why Tigo was an absolute must for this installation, he could see the limitations traditional solar offered on his complex roof and went with Tigo optimization for his install.


After almost a decade of solar generation, Saxon has seen the monitoring benefits of Tigo on several occasions with small array issues being flagged automatically and repaired quickly ensuring maximum generation at all times.

Equipment summary

• System size: 30.2 kW

• Tigo equipment: Tigo TS4-A-O, Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA), Tigo Access Point (TAP)

• Modules: Trina 260W

• Inverter: Fronius Eco 27 kW

Tigo Energy Intelligence enables SCE Energy Solutions to view site performance down to each individual module. In addition, SCE and customers view the incremental energy production enabled by Tigo optimizers, shown in the stacked green bars.

About SCE Energy Solutions

SCE Energy Solutions is an award-winning sustainability business who prides itself on providing only the highest quality product and latest technologies available for all our commercial, rural and residential customers in Australia.

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