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As a Tigo Energy customer for more than a decade, SCE Energy Solutions uses the Tigo EI Fleet Manager to monitor system performance and manage operations and maintenance (O&M) across more than 20,000 solar modules deployed in its fleet of 100+ customer systems. Below is a condensed version of their journey with Tigo as a leading technology provider for their installations.


When SCE Energy Solutions were first installing commercial solar systems in Australia more than a decade ago, they didn’t use any form of Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE). However, they soon found they were limited in the rooftop space they could serve because of shading. So they started using Tigo optimizers on a few sites to minimize the effects of shade on solar production.

“Our client was faced with unique challenges including large shaded areas and an irregular roof. SCE was able to combat shading with Tigo,” said Jon De Martin, CEO at SCE Energy Solutions.

With Tigo optimizers (TS4-A-O), more rooftop space became economically viable. With Tigo installed on each module, SCE was able to maximize site capacity with more flexibility in the arrangement of solar modules on rooftops.


Soon, SCE was installing Tigo optimizers on every solar installation. Not only did the optimizers expand their addressable market and increase output for end-users, but it helped lower costs to service their growing fleet of sites.

With Tigo TS4 on every module, they get complete visibility to every site down to the module level through the Tigo Energy Intelligence portal. They can validate the performance of each module, visualize energy gain from optimization and importantly, customers were satisfied because they could see the results as well.

The team at SCE began to notice the benefits of module-level monitoring enabled by Tigo, including the ability to remotely address site issues.

“The system also provides live statistics which anyone can go and see what the panels are producing at any one time.” said Jon. “Our in-house support team conducts online weekly maintenance checks to ensure your system is performing to its optimum.”  


Fast forward to today, with more than 20,000 modules under management across 100+ sites, SCE Energy Solutions takes full advantage of the features enabled by Tigo EI Fleet Manager. They use it to uncover and operationalize sophisticated insights about the growing fleet of solar systems in its care to deliver the highest possible standards of performance, reliability, and efficiency to its customers.

"Tigo Fleet Manager has been a game-changer for us because it provides an unprecedented level of visibility into our customer fleet, which allows us to both deliver on the system performance commitments we have, as well as the ability to offer valuable new services," said Jon.

SCE Energy Solutions has deployed Tigo EI Fleet Manager across its entire portfolio of customer systems, including De Bortoli Winery, Reliable Foods, and the headquarters of Komatsu, Australia.

About Tigo EI Fleet Manager

Tigo EI Fleet Manager provides new data visualizations designed to elevate what is actionable, reduce alert fatigue, and present installers with an intuitive interface that tracks critical operational, production, and consumption data across all monitored systems in a fleet. From visibility into pending and in-progress installations to comprehensive system and production status indicators, EI Fleet Manager offers system diagnosis and in-depth monitoring of more than a dozen critical health and performance metrics for deployed solar systems.

About SCE Energy Solutions

SCE Energy Solutions is an award-winning sustainability business who prides itself on providing only the highest quality product and latest technologies available for all our commercial, rural and residential customers in Australia.

For more information visit sce-energysolutions.com.au

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