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Tigo optimizers enable project where “50% of the roof was unusable” due to shading

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Tigo Flex MLPE

TS4-O (Optimization)
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Megapoxy is a long-established engineering company that had looked at solar previously but did not proceed due to the limited unshaded roof space and the limited return on investment.

Installing solar was always something that Megapoxy wanted to do. As business expenses and energy costs continued to rise, solar was high on the list as a proven way to reduce energy costs. Solar was also going to assist with the company’s environmental credentials by lowing their total carbon emissions.  


Megapoxy had a perfect north-facing sawtooth roof although the nature of the business had several chimney stacks through each roof pitch. They had been advised previously that due to the shading, approximately 50% of the roof was unusable, and the available space would see a greatly reduced system size installed, reducing the appeal for installing solar.


Once Megapoxy were informed they could utilize the complete roof space with the installation of Tigo solar, they were very keen to revisit installing solar. Given that Megapoxy is a chemical-based manufacturer, installing solar that had built-in safety systems as well as rapid shutdown, made the decision to proceed with Tigo DC Management very easy.


Being able to utilize all the available roof space with Tigo’s technology and receive investment returns that were cash flow positive became very appealing to the business and the reasons they proceeded with the solar.

Equipment summary

• System size: 96.8 kW

• Tigo equipment: Tigo TS4-A-O, Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA), Tigo Access Point (TAP)

• Modules: Phono 400 W

• Inverter: 3x Fronius ECO 27 kW

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