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Tigo optimizers enable maximum solar capacity despite multi-angle restaurant roof

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Scratchley’s is one of Newcastle Australia’s prominent seafood restaurants, perched over a harbor with views of working shipways to the west and the great Pacific to the east. Its architecturally designed building is a landmark to the shore of Newcastle and something that the owner, Neil Slater did not want to jeopardize with the installation of solar.


The architecture of the roof meant that there was always shade somewhere on the available roofline. There are multiple roof pitches and azimuths. In addition, some of the shade was from very high exhaust stacks and signage spaced around the entire site.

Apart from system performance, one of the main system criteria was to maintain the building’s architectural design. So when SCE Energy Solutions, was tapped to design and install solar equipment, they wanted to make sure it was not visible by the public while walking along the shore.

The only option available to meet the energy demands of the business without having module all over the visible rooflines was to install Tigo optimizers with each module.


With Tigo optimizers, which minimize the negative impacts of shade across strings of PV modules, SCE Energy Solutions had increased flexibility with where modules could be placed. The solar installation maximized available roof space that was not visible from the street due to the ability to install panels in locations that receive shading on occasion.

The many aspects of the roofline also meant that by installing Tigo, the system design was not limited to traditional string limitations, further allowing for the utilization of limited roof space.


While Tigo allowed for greater roof space flexibility with maximum energy generation, Neil was also impressed by the monitoring and safety features that also came with installing Tigo. Being able to confirm his investment was operating correctly was high on Neil's approval list, which Neil and SCE Energy Solutions could verify through the Tigo Energy Intelligence portal.

Neil has always been a long-term advocate for looking after the environment and knew he had to reduce his energy consumption at the restaurant not only to reduce his carbon footprint on the world but also to reduce his business expenses.

Neil was happy to work with SCE as we could best meet Neil's requirements to install solar without damaging the building’s architectural lines.

Equipment summary

• System size: 48.5 kW

• Tigo equipment: Tigo TS4-A-O, Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA), Tigo Access Point (TAP)

• Modules: Trina 305W

• Inverter: 2x Fronius Symo 20 kW

About SCE Energy Solutions

SCE Energy Solutions is an award-winning sustainability business who prides itself on providing only the highest quality product and latest technologies available for all our commercial, rural and residential customers in Australia.

For more information visit sce-energysolutions.com.au

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