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The customer was very interested in solar as their main power was quite expensive. Their house lights are always on accompanied by a pool pump and other pumps for water fountains. All of these running systems were beginning to become quite expensive and were looking for an alternative source of power.

Why Tigo

The customer had been looking for solar for quite some time but nothing anyone had shown them convinced them it was the right thing to do, especially with the number of shared areas in the array location.

Many locations on the roof are shaded at different times and they wanted technology that would allow the system to perform without losing power when shade is covering the roof. The roof has a very large lift shaft, several air conditioning units and many ventilation ducts in different locations. At different times during the day and in different seasons almost every part of the roof suffered from shading at one time or another.

Another advantage was the ability to monitor the system. With the system being installed on a 12 story apartment building, monitoring is crucial. With the advanced monitoring they can see that their investment is always working at 100%. 

Tigo’s optimizers allowed for the largest system to be fitted to the total available space and maximize energy production.


An annual average of 12.5% Reclaimed Energy with individual days seeing as high as 24.4%.


• System capacity: 23.76 kW

• Modules: Trina Solar 365W

• Fronius SYMO 20 kW

• Tigo TS4-A-O optimizers

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