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Module-level solar performance during a total eclipse

See the impact through a monitored array at Gowanda Harley-Davidson

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Buffalo Solar & Gowanda Harley-Davidson


United States of America (USA)


In April this year, a total solar eclipse provided a unique opportunity to observe the dynamic performance of solar equipment at a specific site through Tigo Energy Intelligence, an advanced solar monitoring platform. As the moon moved between the Earth and the sun, casting its shadow across the site, energy production (and lack thereof) is tracked down to the module-level in minute by minute increments. This event not only showcased the resilience of solar technology but also highlighted unique capabilities of Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE).

Real-Time Monitoring at Gowanda Harley-Davidson

Our featured site is the Gowanda Harley-Davidson dealer in Gowanda, NY. Established in 1947, this dealership has seen many changes over the years. Their high electricity bills in the summer - sometimes exceeding $3,000 per month - drove them to inquire about solar production. Buffalo Solar, a local commercial and industrial solar installer with 500 sites worth of experience installed an array in 2022 and since then, the energy portion of their bill is essentially zero. The site boasts a 66kW solar array made of 164 modules, each equipped with Tigo MLPE, specifically the TS4-A-O. Each TS4-A-O comes with module-level monitoring, which tracks power, energy, volts, and more at minute intervals.

The Eclipse's Impact

At the peak of the eclipse, solar production at the site dipped to zero. This dramatic drop was captured the screenshot shown, illustrating the direct correlation between the eclipse and solar energy production. The immediate recovery of the system, is a testament to the resilience and reliability solar technology.

The Energy Intelligence allowed Buffalo Solar and Gowanda Harley to visualize solar production data in real-time, providing valuable insights into the performance of their solar installation. While the eclipse data is mostly a fun exercise to see what happens during an eclipse down to extremely granular level - similar views are used by installers to identify and remotely troubleshoot potential site issues, avoiding having to send people on the roof. This level of detailed monitoring helps installers and system owners optimize energy production and ensures that our systems are prepared to handle varying environmental conditions.

2:20PM - Each module produces 100-112W.It’s a partly cloudy day.
3:13PM - Partial Eclipse. Each module shows 1-5W of production as the moon blocks most of the sun.
3:21PM - Total Eclipse. Each module shows 0W of production.
4:06PM - Each module produces 101-125W. Performance is no longer affected by the eclipse.

A Bright Future for Gowanda Harley-Davidson

The solar eclipse event was not just a natural spectacle but also a powerful demonstration of the capabilities of solar technology. For the Gowanda Harley-Davidson dealer, it highlighted the way PV production is affected then rapidly returns. As they continue to enjoy zero energy costs in their electric bill, thanks to their 66kW solar array, they stand as a testament to the benefits of investing in solar technology.

Equipment summary

• System size: 66kW (DC)

• Tigo equipment: TS4-A-O, Cloud Connect Advanced and Tigo Access Point

• Modules: LG Electronics

• Inverters: CPS SCA25KTL-DO/US-208

For more information on Gowanda Harley-Davidson, visit gowandaharley.com

For more information on Buffalo Solar, visit: buffalosolar.com

For more information on Tigo monitoring solutions, visit: tigoenergy.com/monitoring

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