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Home owner chooses Tigo to maximize energy production throughout the day

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The homeowner’s goal was to achieve the highest possible direct self-comsumption supply throughout the day minimizing draw from their solar storage system. The homeowner installed solar panels on the east side of the home for the morning hours of the day and on the west side for the afternoon hours. However shading needed to be considered, surrounding trees cast shadows and obstactles such as a satellite dish and vents to avoid, had the owner worried about performance. 

Why Tigo

Because of the shading concerns, Tigo TS4-O optimizers were chosen to maximize the solar production of the homeowner’s system throughout the course of the day. The easy integration and compatibility of the TS4-O optimizers and the inverter made it a quick, efficient, and seamless solution. 


Tigo helped reach the homeowner’s goal of energy self-sufficiency (86% in 2019). Modules installed on both the eastern and western pitches allowed the homeowner to take full advantage of their own energy from dusk to dawn, minimizing the draw on their solar storage system. The Tigo TS4-O optimizers help to minimize the impact of the temporary shadings on the southern pitch, enabling roof space optimization, without being affected by different orientations. 

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