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German Car Dealer Embraces Tigo Optimizers for E-Car Fleet Charging

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Wackenhut GmbH, a Mercedes-Benz car dealer established in 1948 with 12 outlets in South-western Germany, faced a unique challenge at its Nagold store (Baden-Württemberg). To support the 40 charging stations in the parking lot, the company implemented two large solar carports, equipped with a 120kW solar installation on the flat roof.


More than 300 PV modules now adorn the flat roof of the carports, featuring a notable presence of forestays affixed to the supporting columns. This architectural configuration casts diffused shadows across the PV generator throughout the day. Furthermore, the system contends with significant shading in the afternoon hours, originating from the surrounding trees.


The deployment of Tigo TS4-A-O optimizers, equipped with smart functionalities (optimization, monitoring and rapid shutdown) proved to be the ideal solution. Tigo MLPE units seamlessly integrated with the installed inverter, leveraging its double MPPT for optimal design flexibility.  


Tigo TS4-A-O optimizers ensure top-notch efficiency under varying solar conditions, mitigating the impact of shading and mismatch. The system consistently delivered MWh’s of PV-generated energy, even in months with sub-optimal solar irradiance.

Two years post-commissioning, the system exhibited an average Reclaimed Energy percentage of 15%, with notable peaks during Autumn and February (20% and 30%, respectively), addressing intensified afternoon shadings. This provided the customer with ample energy for both his charging stations and his Nagold facilities. Reclaimed Energy is the additional energy production enabled by Tigo optimizers.

“As a family-run, medium-sized company, we provide impetus for innovative services related to mobility.” Said Kim Sautter, Head of Marketing at Wackenhut GmbH. “Together we face the responsible task of shaping the future as a mobility service provider in a sustainable way. That is why we invest in various sustainability concepts, such as the installation of a PV system at our Nagold site. With the help of the PV system, equipped with Tigo optimizers and module-level monitoring platform, we can produce electricity in an environmentally friendly way and thus make a contribution to climate protection.”


  • Commercial installation
  • System capacity: 120kWp
  • PV Modules: 324x Sharp NU-JC370
  • Inverter: 4x SMA STP25000TL-30
  • 324x Tigo TS4-A-O (Optimization)
  • 1x Tigo Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA)
  • 2x Tigo Access Point (TAP)

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