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Installer: Dan the Sparky Man




Dan Carpenter, the owner of Dan the Sparky Man, has been installing solar on homes and businesses for more than a decade. He started off as a one man show in his twenties and today his business includes a fleet of vans and more than a dozen technicians that enable solar projects and HVAC services for clients throughout Gold Coast and Brisbane.

With more than a decade of experience using different types of solar technologies, Dan has seen first-hand the results that different solar technologies produce. And when the time came to put solar on his own house, he chose Tigo.

Why Tigo

Dan wanted to maximize energy output of the solar installation on his house. However, it includes large sections of steep roof at mixed orientation. In order to get the most from each string of modules, he opted for Tigo Optimizers. Tigo optimizers maximize energy production despite any form of mismatch including shade, soiling, and the mixed orientations.

In addition, the module level monitoring feature included with Tigo optimizers was a key part of the appeal.

“Being able to monitor each panels and system in such a way was something that interested me,” stated Dan.

The installation was commissioned at the end of 2020. It is rated at 19.8 kW and is composed of 330-Watt modules and a Goodwe 15 kW 3-phase inverter.

“The installation of the TS4-A-O were easy to follow and the set up on the Wi-Fi monitoring was clear and step by step.” stated Dan.


The solar installation has delivered consistent energy production since it was installed. Dan can view module level performance through the Tigo monitoring platform to ensure each module is producing appropriate levels of energy.

When asked what is unique about the project, Dan stated “Being able to monitor each panel and see the roof layout and what each section is producing. The software is great.”

In the Tigo monitoring portal, Dan can also view the Reclaimed Energy – or amount of additional energy production that the Tigo optimizers have enabled during each hour of the day. Reclaimed Energy is a feature that is unique to Tigo and gives system owners and installers the ability to see and quantify the energy benefit that Tigo optimizers provide.

In reference to the performance of the installation and ability to monitor each module, Dan stated, “I have had it installed for years, being in the business and where I live it is very beneficial for my home.”

A note from Dan the Sparky Man
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• Location: Queensland, Australia

• System type: Residential

• System Capacity: 19.8 kW

• Modules: EGING 330 Watt

• Goodwe 15 kW 3 Phase

• Tigo TS4-A-O optimizers

Images courtesy of Dan the Sparky Man.

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