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The leader in Module Level Power Electronics has revealed the installer-focused Energy Intelligence residential solar plus battery storage solution. Schedule some time to connect with a Tigo representative using the link below.

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About Tigo

Tigo Energy is a Silicon Valley renewable energy company with more than 13 years of experience in Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) design and deployment. With over 1GWh of solar production monitored daily and approximately 900 TB of global solar data, Tigo is the proven leader in MLPE.
More information about the Tigo TS4 Flex MLPE platform can be found

In 2021, Tigo revealed its Energy Intelligence Battery and Inverter products, which are designed as the first truly installer-centric residential solar-plus-storage solution. Specifically targeted at the needs of installers, this solution is designed to be fast, flexible, and dependable to directly impact the profit and loss statement of installers.
More information about the Tigo EI Residential Solution can be found here.

About CleanTechies

CleanTechies: The Podcast is a platform created by Silas Mähner to host conversations with CleanTech / ClimateTech enthusiasts, professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, advocates, and inventors. It is hoped that these conversations will help the average consumer learn more about the newest technologies being developed to help reverse climate change. We hope that the content of this podcast will help you to learn about how many incredible people are affecting change and it is also our hope that you will be inspired to do something amazing that helps us to combat climate change.

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