Genera 2023

See the benefits of TS4 deployments on commercial sites and the newly released EI Residential Solution at Genera

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February 21, 2023
February 23, 2023
Madrid, Spain
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Tigo at GENERA

Tigo representatives and partners will be featuring Tigo commercial and residential solar solutions at the Genera show this year. Below, you'll find a long list of partners who will be exhibiting with information on Tigo's solutions along with dedicated speaking slots to hear directly from Tigo. We encourage everyone that wants to connect with Tigo to get in touch with us before the show using the form below. We look forward to seeing you there.

About the show:

GENERA's offer is aimed at a broad group of professionals in consultancy, engineering, construction, commerce; Industrial energy users; Equipment manufacturers and distributors; Installers and maintenance companies; Energy project promoters; Universities and research centres; Prescribers and real estate developers; Public administrations and, in general, all professionals related to the world of energy efficiency and renewable energies in the commitment to climate neutrality.

Tigo partners exhibiting at the show:

Many businesses will be showcasing Tigo solutions and software at the show. Below is a list of Tigo partners that are exhibiting at the show along with the booth number to find them:

  • Albasolar Energy: 10-10G37
  • DSP Solar: 8-8D15
  • Krannich Solar: 8-8E02
  • Global Noria: 8-8B04
  • Saltoki: 8-8D01
  • Soleme: 8-8B06
  • Sonne PV: 8-8D04
  • Sun Depot: 8-8A34
  • Techno Sun: 8-8B22 – 8-8D19
  • Solarshop: 10-10E16

Connect during our presentations:

Tigo is hosting presentations at partners’ booths. Interested parties can view the presentations at the following times and locations:

"Introducing EI Residential: Tigo's Solar plus Storage Solution"

  • 21st Feb 3.00pm at Global Noria booth (see above)
  • 22nd Feb 11.00am at Global Noria booth (see above)
  • 22nd Feb 4.30pm at DSP Solar booth (see above)
  • 23rd Feb 3.00pm at Global Noria booth (see above)

"Benefits of Tigo TS4 Deployment on C&I Installations"

  • 23rd Feb 11.00am at Techno Sun booth (see above)
  • 23rd Feb 1.00pm at Albasolar booth (see above)

Additional resources:

A message from the team that will be at the show

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